Monday, June 30, 2008


What is Senator John Kerry Doing in Jerusalem?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

John Kerry in Jerusalem

Mid-day today, US Democratic Senator and Former Candidate for the President of the United States, Senator John Kerry, was spotted in the Old City, Jerusalem, Israel by the Jaffe Gate, exiting from the Christian quarter.

Senator Kerry was accompanied by a senate office staffer and two security personnel, and whisked away in a standard US Embassy armored Chevrolet Suburban. Mr. Kerry was wearing his traditional powder blue shirt and pink-ish tie, as was his senate staffer.

What's Democratic Senator John Kerry doing in Jerusalem on a hot summer's day? His web site is mum about the visit or any such travel plans. Could he be laying the groundwork for a visit by US Democratic Presidential Candidate Barak Obama?

Was he personally visiting holy sites in the Old City? Seems unlikely given he was alone (no family) and with senate staff. Was he visiting with Israeli officials? Given he was coming out of the Old City Christian Quarter, which leads to the Arab Quarter, there are no Israeli meeting sites in those areas, so that's not it.

Most likely he was having a diplomatic meeting with Palestinians. (Which within the bounds of Jerusalem is illegal per all agreements with the Palestinians.) Either Mr. Kerry was discussing international politics and US funding, in line with his senate activities and plans to be a major player in influencing the next US administration, or he was meeting with and setting up meetings with Palestinian (and assumability, in different meetings, Israeli) leaders for Barak Obama.

Whatever it was, shhhh, he's not talking.

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Sultan Knish said...

it would seem this is the answer

he was in saudi arabia, passed through to israel and met with israeli leaders to assure them how great Obama is under the guise of a congressional visit

ytba said...


What do any of them want there, but to cause trouble for us? It can't be much longer before it's ended for the wicked among them. And the sooner we return to Hashem, the sooner that will be.

yiddishe mama said...

Here's the answer:

yes, ytba. Amen, ken yehi ratzon !!

ytba said...


THE "LONG" VIEW, in English.

Video to Watch is... "THE ZERO HOUR"

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