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Welcome to Erez and the Culture of Death

The Erez Israel-Gaza Crossing
5 minutes from S'Derot

Erez Crossing Israel Gaza

Cross to Gaza on the left,
Enter Industrial Park on the right

Erez Crossing Israel Gaza

A modern industrial park,
plus wall and watch towers

Erez Crossing Israel Gaza

Observation balloon, high ground
to watch for terrorist infiltration

Erez Crossing Israel Gaza

Radar post, detects incoming missiles daily
Erez Crossing Israel Gaza

Israeli army base (bottom) and
Israeli Gaza-border farming village (top).

Erez Crossing Israel Gaza
by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

5 minutes west of S'Derot, and 10 minutes south of Ashkelon, lies the Erez Crossing Point. Erez is unique in that not only was it the major transit point for goods (and workers) in and out of Gaza, a major industrial park was built on the site.

Because we know the poor embattled Palestinians are economically depressed, and that depression and life stress can lead one to despair, and people in despair will turn to anything that gives a glimmer of hope, like ... terrorism. Therefore, building up their economic opportunity is the cure.

So a couple of smart politicians arranged some investment, and some government matching funds, and built an industrial park literally on the border. Direct access from Gaza meant a good supply of workers without them having the extensive border crossing difficulties of working in Israel. Direct access from Israel meant the Israeli management could easily and safely access the site, and goods could be moved out for export without significant security delays.

An inexpensive site, low cost labor force, and government incentives meant companies would be interested for their own benefit and profit.

The park was built, the special security access points put in place, the companies came and opened shop. Thousands of 'Palestinians' were employed at stable high wage positions (relative to other Gaza work), the employers got all that was promised.

But it didn't work. Today the Erez Industrial Park is a ghost town, all access points closed, and the Erez Crossing is closed... Why?

The failure began with small scale terrorism. A few workers successfully slipped in some knives, and decided to hack the people who paid their wages to pieces. Security was increased, to help all the other poor workers continue their jobs. So they came as suicide bombers and blew up the security check point. Security was increased (at which point it became as hard to enter the park as Israel, losing part of the advantage). So they shot mortars at the park.

That pretty much did it. The companies couldn't keep their Israeli workers there with threats of knifing, suicide bombers, AND mortars. The companies left, the poor Palestinians went home without a job.

But why? Why would they literally knife the hand that's feeding them?

This is where the whole Israeli left and American State Department completely fail in their thinking, for they simply can't answer the question, instead they rationalize it away. The simple answer is the same as suicide bombers, and has become a basic tenant of their society as a whole...

They hate us more than they value their own lives, or the lives of their community, or their parents, or their children. Not only don't they mind dying for the cause, or sacrificing others of their own people, community, or family for the cause, they REVEL in it. They have firmly embraced and entrenched a culture of death.

Arab culture is rather brutal, but this is way beyond that. The Torah teaches us exactly what's going in here...

Parshat Haazinu 21: They have made Me furious with no god (believing only in themselves), provoked My anger with their vanities (self indulgent culture), so I will make them furious by a NON-NATION, I will provoke their anger with a VILE NATION. It continues with attacks by misfortune (bombers) and arrows (missiles). (Oh, and it mentions Hamas by name.)

This non-nation, this vile culture, must be crushed. There is no possibility of peace to be made, no compromise or improvement that can satisfy. For our death is more valuable to them than their life.

All photos taken by Akiva, on June 20, 2008 at the Erez Crossing Point, Israel-Gaza border. June 20 was one of only three days when the "truce" held. Since then, Jewish civilians have been missiled EVERY SINGLE DAY.


You couldn't make this stuff up. Today's news report...

Shortly after Israel decided to open all the crossings into Gaza Saturday night several mortar shells were fired by Palestinian gunmen at the Karni Crossing area. Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna'i, in consultation with defense chiefs, decided to allow 80 truckloads of food to cross from Israel to Gaza on Sunday.

Allow food, get bombed. Your death over their life demonstrated live.

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Bar Kochba said...

I have always associated the non-nation mentionned in that verse with the "Palestinians". There never was a Palestine, or a Palestinian people. They are a pseudo-nation raised in a UN-funded death cult. No peace can be made with them.

ytba said...

Here's something I just recently found that discusses the time right before Moshiach, and how the anti-Jewish government would pursue murderers to make with them a "covenant of death."

Praying for your, and all Israel's safety, in spite of them!

ytba said...


That wasn't the video I meant to send on the "covenant of death" sealed by the Israeli "leaders" and our blood thirsty enemy. This is.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but they both have valuable material.

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