Sunday, June 22, 2008

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We Know...

Keli Ata commented...

Thank you for posting Sunset in Ashkelon. It is a sad but important reminder for me when I look at the beauty of a sunset thousands of miles away in the US.

A sober reminder. The fate of Israel and the US seem to parallel each other. Maddening that even after 9/11 the US still wants to force Israel into negotiating with terrorists.

The US can't claim ignorance anymore. The average American cannot claim ignorance.

We KNOW. Sigh. The civilians in the small villages around the concentration camps claimed they didn't know what was happening, and the survivors angrily told "You KNEW" when the allied forces made the townspeople walk through the camps after they were liberated.

The US needs to stop compelling Israel to deal with terrorists and surrender holy land to them. Again, we cannot claim ignorance about terrorism because we know who the terrorists are and what they're capable of. Every American witnessed 9/11 either in person or via live television.

We know. We know and yet we want to condemn Israel to this misery. We can't vote for politicians that condone land for peace or negotiations with terrorists.

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josh said...

Let's get the facts straight;
- the US has never recognized the West Bank or any annexing of land by Israel
- the US is pissed off with Israel

- the US does not pressure Israel to deal with terrorists. There is documentation that Israel is dragging the US into these things. Why is Israel negotiating with Syria now (against US efforts to isolate it)?

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