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Teen Path: Zionism Confusionism

by Chavi at Mystical Paths

Today while on Facebook I was looking at the groups my friends had joined and was horrified to see one friend had joined a group called The Neturei Karta Fan Club.

The Neutra Karta Fan Club

Description: For those who love the anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish group Neturei Karta.

Seeing this and the pic for the group just made me want to scream. I was shocked that this friend would join such a group. This friend is very chassidish and serious and in my minds eye would never do such a thing. But I guess you never really know a person. I could understand my friend not liking the government of Israel or not being a supporter of the State of Israel, but this was way over the line.

As frum Jews we're supposed to appreciate what we have and what we've been given. These people, what do they thing, Eretz Yisroel is a joke? There are many Israeli bloggers who speak against Israel. But, generally they speak against the policies of the government, or the wackiness of parts of Israeli culture. So, dislike the government, dislike other things, but never speak ill about our gift!

I know many chassidic groups oppose the State, yet I notice that most who do are also living here!

It's funny. From learning Torah, where so much is said about Zion, I couldn't understand what anti-zionism was. I had to go ask and Google and Wiki to find out what is this zionism to be anti'd? What's so bad that this group of Jews does nothing but bad mouth it?

I went back to the time of Hertzl, a Jew who couldn't stand to see himself and his fellow Jews suffering anymore, so he actually tried to do something about it. Wanting to give Jews a place to live as Jews. What's bad about that?

For once lets look at the good the State of Israel has done. Brought Jews back to the land of Israel. Built settlements, towns, cities, an army, hospitals, schools. Enabled us to get back to holy sites, kivrai tzaddikim, access to the Kotel, the Marat HaMachpelah. Turned a wasteland into a thriving land.

And along come these Jews who, regardless of whether it started the right way, are supporting those who openly say they want us DEAD. Who are these Jews? The answer is for sure, not frum Jews, not one bit. I don't care that they are wearing religious clothes, davening in shul, or speaking in Yiddish. They are supporting those people who would kill me, you, and all of us!

Many people give up a lot to live here in Israel. They put aside careers and/or very nice living situations to live in the Holy Land. What a merit! And these so called ones mock us! They go to the enemy and ask, "Can you please kill me? Can you please take what rightfully belongs to me for over 2,600 years?"

While people are being shot at daily, they welcome them with open arms. While missiles are falling on children daily, they run to hug them. Dear idiots, your eyes are blind and your ears are deaf to the trouble you cause.

So many work so hard to preserve Israel, and yes turn it into what it truly should be. Instead, you with brains of mush spew evil upon us all! You support those who kill the delivery men and then cry they have no food.

Hmm, I wonder, if I pretend to hate Israel too maybe the Arabs will give me money so I won't be struggling to come up with enough tuition to have a future? (Anyone want to help a young Jewish woman be able to go to culinary school and have a future career, seriously?)

You will be chayiv. You will be responsible for not appreciating Hashem's gift, and for damaging the work of others. Many are working hard, endlessly, tirelessly, to preserve what Hashem gave us and our fellow Jews before us built up. We have and can live in the Holy Land, that Hashem gave to Avraham, to Yitzchok, to Yaakov, to the Jewish people eternally. We, who actually care about that, will keep fighting and praying and working for our Land our gift from Hashem. Because we're going to show Hashem we care.

You, however, are the biggest chillul Hashem and disgrace to the Jewish people.

From Israel with Love,

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  1. Need to read Wolpo's book. NK disgust? Yes, but killed much less Yidden than the Zionsim. Need to read Wolpo's book.

    Search Wolpo:


    “The world is in error, [thinking] as if the final objective of Zionism is the establishment of a Jewish state. The final objective of Zionism is the uprooting of the Torah ch”v, and they see the founding of the medina merely as the best possible means toward this uprooting.”

    (excerpt from “Yalkut Daas Torah,” appendix to HaRav Elchanan Wasserman’s seifer Ikvisa D’Meshicha)

  3. Dear Chavi,
    With respect, I ask you to reconsider what you have written:

    "You, however, are the biggest chillul Hashem and disgrace to the Jewish people."

    And then:

    "From Israel with Love," to conclude.

    These two sentences should not stand together from one who obviously loves our people as much as you do.

    The government is not the issue here; the issue is our people, Klal Yisrael, and as Jews we must support the people, one another. I disagree with Neturei Karta and any group of Jews that would stand against (not in disagreement with, but against) other Jews.

    I only ask you to consider Vayikra 19, Chavi, before labeling Neturei Karta (who are Jews, mind you) or insulting them. Remember what Torah teaches us: rebuke your brother for his actions but bring no shame upon yourself. Yes, Eretz Yisrael is our homeland...but I point out that in Nitzavim, when the covenant was concluded, that the nation was formed without our being in the land. As a nation we came into formal existence 40 years before we crossed the Jordan.

    Chavi, remember: we...Klal Yisrael...are a human nation, a nation without borders except for those we throw upon our hearts. Please don't hate them or allow hatred for their actions to consume you. We must be lights to the nations and also to those of our own who have strayed.

    Boker tov, Chavi, b'shalom v'l'chayyim.
    Yeshayahu Galluzzo

  4. Gotta second Yeshayahu's post. NK is such an easy target. But they are an insignificant group of families and we give them much more publicity than they deserve, I'm sure you'll agree.

    About your friend joining a facebook group; it does not really mean anything. In order to post to a group, you have to join and I'm kinda sure that many people on that group are posting disruptive messages anyays. That's what I might do if I thought it would make a difference. On many Israel groups, there are Arabs who coem to 'chat'. Maybe you should do some outreach and find out why your friend joined?

  5. I don't agree with NK's methods, but neither can I agree with Secular Zionism. What it boils down to is having a Holy Land vs. an Un-Holy Land. The Muslims are merely a distraction. Focus one's attention on the common threat and one doesn't have to deal with issues of Torah observance. Ethics take a backseat to survival. Hence, the Secular Zionists will maintain the status quo of Band-Aid solutions and people on all sides will continue to die. Why? For what? So a handful of men can keep their jobs and continue to profit from the misery of others?


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