Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Simulated Disaster!

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Traveling towards Tel Aviv today, I saw a massive fire on the horizon. Getting closer, it appeared to be coming from the airport (G-d forbid!) Closer still, the huge cloud of billowing black smoke got worse and seemed from a distance to be a maintenance hanger on fire. Rounding the highway corner by the airport, O M G, there was a jet at the end of the runway engulfed in smoke. It was hard to tell, but the front looked like an El Al plane.

Fortunately, this was a simulated disaster. All kudos to the airport authority for practicing a real live disaster drill, complete with actual smoking jet. The drill involved a real fire on the tarmac, 200 acting casualties and wounded, 30 ambulances, 30 fire trucks, evacuation helicopters, simulated press briefing area, and even a simulated family and emergency contact center.

There is no way to determine if your disaster process works without actually trying it out. The scale of such events is usually so large that rarely are disaster plans exercised. That's why, when they're brought out, they often fall flat on their faces (resulting in additional disaster in the response).

I am incredibly impressed that the Israeli Airport Authority has seen fit to spend the considerable effort necessary to do so. Chazak v'Amatz.

(News report here.)

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  1. Off the topic, I have spoken with a friend in Israel who has very strong ties in the Tel-aviv Gay community.He told me that the majority of the Gay's that he knew were againts the parade in Jerusalem. They felt that it is pointless and provocative. Their rights are protected by law, what do they need to March for, just to show that they can? They say they have a parade in Tel-Aviv for those that need this form of self expression. Why upset the citizens of Jeruslam. If this is the feeling among the majority, then who is pushing for this parade?


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