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by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

This morning I awoke to the news that the US and the UN were condeming Israel in a big way (nothing new there) for, gasp, building houses in Jerusalem. Yesterday, I met a friend at the mall in Pisgat Zeev. For those who don't know Jerusalem, if you drive out of Meah Shearim, go 5 minutes straight, you're in Pisgat Zeev. 5 minutes. What I didn't know was I was, per the US and the UN, traveling to a different country, territory, oh heck I don't know (neither do they).

By the way, the mall in Pisgat Zeev was equally being shopped by Jews and Israeli Arabs. Groups of Israeli Arab teenage girls were doing the teenage mall thing, prowling in small groups. But, "U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon's office also released a statement Monday that said the secretary general was "deeply concerned"".

The game here is this, even though Israel has been rebuilding and building Jerusalem since 1967, creating new communities and rebuilding old ones, building streets, malls, highways, tunnels, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc, anything built since 1967 is "an outpost". Before 1967, the Jordanians razed anything Jewish and snipped at the Jewish residents for 19 years. Thats ok, but building Jerusalem into 1 city where ALL religious sites are safely open for access by all, that's "deeply concerning".

Dear US White House Spokesman and UN Secretary General's Office, your "deep concern" is so false and so self serving even you must be choking on it.

Included are two special pictures. The first is Jerusalem from Givat Shmuel. The neighborhood to the right is Ramot, a 30 year old community that the US and UN NOW call a settlement. The one more to the left is Ramat Shlomo, it's only 15 years old. You can see how both are so separate from Jerusalem (not).

The second photo is from Kever Shmuel HaNavi, which is in claimed Palestinian territory. Please note what it says, stating that the site is clearly that of Samuel the Prophet. Here's the problem - there is no Samuel the Prophet in Islam! Meaning, THEY know, recognize, and pronounce this is a JEWISH HOLY SITE.

Do you know why the US and UN _now_ call these "settlements"? Because we let them. As soon as the Israeli government accepted any claim, they opened themselves to EVERY claim. Either the Land of Israel is ours, given to us by Hashem, or it's not. There is no in-between.

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Bar Kochba said...

What a chillul HaShem! We let the US and the UN trample all over us. I pray that we will wake up very soon.

Anonymous said...

Go bar kochba why didnt Hashem let him and akiva trample rome in the first place rather then deal with there gilgul the u.s and u.n !Ita a halacha yiddin esau hates yaakov . guess what the u.s and u.n and knesset are esau !The gra says souls of erev rav are esau . May hashem show us miracles and not let this amalak take 1 inch of the soil he promised to his greatest love avraham Bhavram who this WORLD WAS CREATED FOR !

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