Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Prophecy and Headlines

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

While half the (orthodox) Jewish world sleeps (it's still the Shavuos holy day in the US, but it's over in Israel), disaster news and economic news, which is also a disaster, rolls in.

Yet America is a big place, a very big place. A major heatwave in the northeast tri-state area, that's only 5% of the US land mass affected. Floods in Wisconsin and Indiana, heck, less than 1%. Cheaper iPhone coming out, now that's news!

The US Federal Reserve is reaching the limits of it's ability to respond to the economic crisis. You know, the crisis that they're still not reporting on. In the US, energy prices are double what they were a year ago. Food prices are 30% higher, imports are more expensive. Job cuts have been hitting the last 5 quarters in a row, foreclosures are still going up, 7% of homeowners are behind in their mortgages (the highest rate in 40 years). And credit has become very hard to get.

And yet, I think this is a blessing. Though it's going to get worse, there's a question regarding the US from the navi'im (the biblical prophets) of the time when Jerusalem becomes the political battleground of the world. Daniel and others clearly describe Jerusalem becoming a cup of poison for the nations, and Gog uMagog resulting in the destruction of Gog and his nation. But Ovadiah describes a seeming friend of Israel who only gets beat up, not destroyed, for setting Israel up and abandoning her for it's own self interests.

The prophetic question is - will the US play the role of Gog, with a resulting massive destruction, or the role of the self-interested not-friend, who has helped Israel in the past but who's self interest overrides any sense of justice or fairness, and gets beat up as a result?

The economic news, together with America's Middle East policy and actions of the Secretary of State, lead me to believe the latter. Given this, America's unbelievable focus on inanities while in very very serious economic shape continues to astound me.

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  1. I think you had better re-read your Tenach! Gog and MaGog come from the NORTH, not the West! Your only FRIENDS are in the USA!

  2. anonymous, if you take a look at the actual geographical and latitudinal/longitudinal placement of Jerusalem... you will see that the US is north of us here in Israel.

    R. Akiva, I've been waiting for you all to pick this information up, highlight it and put it into Torah Context.

    But with Obama's evident win and probable win in November, i think we are looking at the falling of the US. This is terribly hard on me, as all of my family are living in the states. What a shame. Rabbi's missed the signs in Germany and now in the US. Maybe, "nature" will destroy this time- but destroyed it will be just the same.

    Disappearing bees, bats, salmon, natural disasters, and nobody heeds the warning. I will pray for all our Jewish families in th USA. (And yes, I care about the righteous gentiles too!) Because if you think economic woes mixed with Jews in high places is a negligible worry- people don't know history.

  3. anonymous one - North of Jerusalem, or draw a line straight north up over the globe, or North America. Or, could be wrong, it could be Russia, or Europe, or refer to WWII and Germany.

    anonymous two - Having put most of this together 2 years ago (and posted about it), I'm honestly afraid to express it further and am shaking as it literally unfolds. For it's one thing to read the words and speculate, it's another to watch them come true!

    However, that said, even with all that's going on, we await some clear confirming events right out of the Tanach to conclusively say we're in the middle of it.

  4. Jews leaving Edom (Kibbutz Galuyot) will precede the fall of Edom just as Jews leaving Spain caused preceded Spain's decline.

  5. I'm sure I don't need to remind anyone that the Jews didn't "leave" Spain, they were driven out.

  6. Akiva, why shake, is the redemption not what we prayed for. HaShem has the answer before the problem exists. We just have not been informed of it yet for the most part. Don't worry, watch the ride as the train cannot stop now. --------------------
    The other comments, it's America who will openly turn on us, as they have begun. Straight north is Alaska from what I understand. When Barach Hussein get's elected, hold on, we will have NO "friends".

  7. Hashem1 has an article about the identity of gog and magog I found interesting:


  8. The new IPhone is being distributed to 70 nations. It was on one of Steve Jobs intro. videos on the new 2nd version release.

    {{70 NATIONS!}}

    What do you think of that?


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