Wednesday, June 18, 2008


More on Agriprocessors - The Schochet in Jail

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Whoops, we pulled the wrong file, misread the paperwork, didn't let you get your passport with it's visa, so you sat in jail in the backwoods of Iowa for 5 weeks and a day. So what?

(Crownheights.Info) Yesterdays release of R. Tal Ginter, a Shochet and Menaker in Agriprocessors, prompted great Simcha in the small town of Postville. After 5 weeks and 1 day Tal was released yesterday evening after the Immigration Service admitted a mistake on their behalf and canceled the deportation order.

Jail and INS bureaucracy almost had Tal needlessly sitting in jail for another day, throughout the day the transfer of paperwork between the courts in Chicago to the jail located in a town as remote as Postville.

After delivering the paperwork to the jail authorities, they attempted to delay the release by stating issues with the paperwork even though the judge’s order was clear, but just before 5:00pm as the jail offices close the release order was given and Tal was released.

Baruch Hashem he's free, but when the authorities go on a rampage, they usually get much of it wrong. That's ok because we're going to stop that illegal immigration in the US! If a few Jews get in the way, oh well.

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Anonymous said...

The handwriting is on the wall. Get out while you still can. I plan to leave the North American Union long before 5773, HaShem willing. It's only going to get worse and why people continue to stay in New York is beyond me.

ava said...

It now seems that time after time the authorities on the rampage get something wrong and continue to enroll people into their unworthy cause, simply because they are too embarrassed to admit to their incompetence. This is primarily why the entire Agriprocessors situation is one that I will chose not to follow. It has been blown completely out of proportion. My family has been purchasing their products for years, and we are not willing to going to stop because the media has created a huge frenzy over the use of illegal immigrant workers- whose job no American citizen would willingly take, anyway. So I will not be subject to these rumors and will to continue to eat the best meat with the best quality-----Rubashkin's!

Jason K. said...

This is unbelievable. Poor hard working guy locked up. This raid was definitely not thought out and a huge attack on a company that has been feeding families good kosher meat across the country.

AgriProcessors hired a staffing agency to attain new workers, but I’m sure Rabbi Tal Ginter’s position will be right there for him when he is ready to return.

Anonymous said...

Jewish businesses have been being systematically attacked for some time now. The attack is usually on a business with an openly Jewish name and function. The attackers come from Ford Foundation programs, which are organized top down and funded. Which means that the attackers are literally being paid to do the dirty work.
We out here should stick up for Jewish businesses. In Cleveland, the entire downtown of Cedar and Warrensville, have literally been stripped of the JEwish restaurants and stores. The Empire restaurant will close soon, the property having been sold.
We should not put up with this.
- Elisheva in Cleveland

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