Thursday, June 12, 2008

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Lies and Videotape

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Years ago, my chavruta (Torah learning partner) used to refer to the news as "lies, all lies". However, if it was only lies, we'd be fortunate. For lies can usually be identified. Propaganda and attitude manipulation, that's a little harder (to detect)...

A new term has popped up in the Israeli media -> the "Gaza area community". S'Derot, Ashkelon, and all the small farming towns in the Israel southwest under war crime civilian bombardment by the (not) peaceful (not) Palestinians are no longer southern Israeli communities, they're Gaza area communities.

With this simple twist of words, those communities are moved from Israel under attack to people living in an inappropriate area. Because if you move to a dangerous neighborhood, you're partially responsible for putting yourself in the situation. Right? Right? right????

Today, the Israeli Security Cabinet (an oxymoron if ever there was one) voted for a period of "Calm". With this declaration, the IDF has been ordered to stand down from preparations to take steps to defend Israel. Because, we have voted on Calm, therefore things must be . . . calm.

The above graphic (provided by WeJew Jewish Media Sharing Community) is of S'Derot, Israel. Each red mark is a rocket strike upon the civilian population of the town. Don't worry S'Derot, the Security Cabinet has announced Calm!

To face the propaganda, you need an anchor of the Absolute. As everything is manipulation, disinformation, misinformation, we have only our Father in Heaven to turn to for the truth. Torah.

I had an online argument recently with a young woman who was complaining about understanding how the Torah could demand genocide (Amalek). Judging by the standards of the modern world, that seems ... horrible. Yet, judging by the standards of the modern world, Armenia happened, the Holocaust happened, Cambodia happened, Rhwanda happened, and Darfur IS happening while the modern world sits by and does NOTHING. Oh wait, they do something, they condemn Israel for defending her civilian population and demand that she allow her enemy to arm and supply, worse, they demand that Israel army and supply them (and heal them as well!)

Politics has not changed since the time of the Mishnah, where Pirke Avos tells us that politicians only stand for themselves. In the "old" days, this was clear, the people were servants of the government. Today we think it's not so, that the government serves us. But it's just a modern facade, the politicians are still just serving themselves. The words of the Mishnah don't change because a politician put on a layer of makeup and made a nice speech on TV.

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