Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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I Am and I Am - Part 1

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

Comments: You aren't answering if the i that chooses is really the big I -how can it be rewarded? And, Does He do everything since He is all-powerful, or do we have some of the power too?

Use sunlight as an example. The light coming from the sun is a single light that is spreading out in all directions. Although the sunlight is a single light, this one light can be directed and formed into many individual beams. Each beam is but a tiny ray of the one, huge sunlight. Although the beams are tiny, still, they are the one great light that is now forming a portion of itself into those beams. Even though there are many beams of light, still, there is always only the one sunlight.

When a beam acts, its actions go out into the world. For instance, it shines, reflects, warms, and reveals. It does this just as the overall sunlight does albeit on a much smaller scale. Not only do these actions go out from it, but they also cause certain measured repercussions to come back to it. These results return to the place from where the action emanated.

If the light had the characteristics of a person it would be conscious and have free will. In such a case the beams too would have these characteristics however; the beams’ consciousness would be narrow, beam-sized. The beam would have no idea that it is actually a ray of the overall, wondrous light. But even the tiniest ray of the overall light is the same magnificent, one light that is being formed into a narrow beam. As far as the beam is concerned, it is just a simple, tiny beam trying to make its way in the world. Since it does not know that it is actually the overall, huge light, and certainly it does not have the overall awareness of the grand sunlight, it chooses its actions from the narrow consciousness of a small beam. This is what gives the beam its free will. It is free to choose whatever it wants, based upon its tiny, beam-sized abilities. If the beam had the overall knowledge and awareness of the grand light, it would act as the grand light and not merely as a beam.

The beam has individual beam-will because it is operating from this limited beam-sized awareness. It is “free” from being aware of the overall light’s omnipresence. The beam experiences what it does, and causes what it causes as an apparent individual entity. If it were aware of the overall light’s presence it would never make an improper choice. It would see the overall light watching and it would always act properly.

If the beam’s awareness restrictions were entirely removed, it would not only see that the overall light was present, it would also see that it itself (the beam) is actually a portion or area of the overall single light. In this case, it would have the overall light’s awareness.

Even though the beam is doing what it does, and is bringing the repercussions of its actions back onto itself, from the broader perspective we see that it is actually the one, overall sunlight that is acting as the beam and is doing everything. The one sunlight is the only light that is ever present. This one light is both the beams and the overall, grand, single sunlight that is within and beyond the beams.

(To be continued)

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