Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hi-Tech Babylon

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

During the Migdal Bavel, the Tower of Babel, we read that G-d brought them down by dividing them with 70 languages. From those 70 languages developed what we generally refer to as the 70 nations of the world. Yes, there's more than 70 physical countries, but we learn there are 70 primary ethnicities, core national concepts so to speak.

One of the signs of the acharit hayamim, the end of days scenarios, is the reversal of this division. First the 70 nations come together in a joint political entity. Then the division of languages begins to be overcome - both with a primary language and with the means to functionally erase the language divisions.

If one goes to the Google Translation page - automatic language translations - the list of languages is now up to 22. Hebrew is noticeably absent.

In Apple's iPhone announcement last week, they specifically noted they have increased their international distribution to ... 70 nations. The list interestingly includes Jordan and Egypt, but noticeably avoids Israel.

The hi-tech Babylon is growing.

(BTW, if you're looking for automated Hebrew-English translation, I've had reasonable experience with ... Babylon software :-). Reasonable means you can get the gist of it, but that's it.)

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Keli Ata said...

Can I email you please to ask a question on this?

Akiva said...

Sure. Contact info is on our sidebar, under the title "The Blog Crew".

Anonymous said...

there is both hebrew and yiddish on it though I did not see Ladino

Long Beach Chasid said...

The Iphone isnt going to be distrubuted in Israel for the same reason that neither South Korea or Russia will be picking up the new phone. Competion. LG is based out of Israel and doesnt want Apple encroaching on their business. But the Babylon is growing.

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