Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Flaunting It

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

It has been insinuated by some in authority that this blog advocates violence against same-gender oriented people. That is an absolute lie and complete misunderstanding of what we write here. We advocate NO violence...

Next Thursday, June 26, the annual same-gender flaunt-your-sexuality-in-the-streets parade is scheduled for it's yearly desecration of the holy city of Jerusalem. During this event thousands of people will walk through religious neighborhoods in Jerusalem, dressed or undressed in ways completely inappropriate for any public location, performing personal acts illegal in any public location.

Even setting aside religious sensibilities for a moment (and don't worry, we'll get back to that), for people to walk through public areas significantly undressed and performing acts that no one wants to see in public, and G-d forbid if children see such things damaging their innocence, is just SICK. While these people have done an incredible PR job in convincing the world that their personal actions should be an acceptable lifestyle, no one but the most perverse wants intensely private acts between adults occurring in public.

How much worse is this when it's in residential areas, religious areas, and in the holy city of Jerusalem?

Every year, the Yetzer Hara holds it's head high and marches through the city, escorted by the Israeli police and led by senior Israeli politicians.

On the day of the planned parade, religious neighborhoods will be flooded with the dreaded Israeli riot police, who will simply charge and beat any group of 3 or greater on the possibility that they might raise their voice against the desecration of their neighborhood and city.

Times are darker even than they appear. May Hashem help, and may we all raise our voices in disgust.

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Isaac said...

From the Rebbe:

It makes no real difference what causes an individual to presently choose this form of relationship. Even one who was horn with this inclination, and was not educated in his youth to correct it (no matter who is to blame) and is now an adult, must also be motivated to educate him/herself, now; for it is still just as destructive, it is still just as abnormal, etc.

An important point to stress is that there is no insult intended and no derogatory attitude is suggested; it is a case of healing a malady. When a person is ill and someone volunteers to help him get well, there is no disrespect involved, not at all!

At the same time, we must keep in mind that the vehement and vociferous arguments presented by a patient, that he is really well and that his condition is a healthy instinct – or as least not destructive, do not change the severity of the "ailment." In fact, this attitude on the part of this individual indicates how serious his malady really is for this person, how deeply it has penetrated into his body and psyche, and how perilous for him it really is. And so, special action must be undertaken to heal the person and save his life. And again, there is no insult at all, no disrespect involved, only a true desire to really help.

muse said...

Cry out to G-d!

Anonymous said...

this is a debilitating illness especially for men , for women its more normal read the rambam !to leave this illness is hard , one is not attracted to the opposite sex . Maybe its hevens fault for not creating more rachavs and rachels more attractive women spiritually and physically and as mothers so this crap wouldnt begin in childhood , with its impure and desires against the brias bohu organization !

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