Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Synagogue Destroyed in Hebron

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

We happened to be passing through Kiryat Arba as Israeli security forces were busy tearing down a synagogue. Why? It sat in an empty Jewish field, on the site of a murderous terror attack of the past, built by the CHILDREN of Hebron and Kiryat Arba as a response. But in Hebron, you can't use the bathroom without government approval, in triplicate. The attorney general challenged it's existence, and the Supreme Court ruled, illegal. And the authorities came to destroy.

To destroy a tiny tin synagogue built by children.

But never fear, these children literally won't give in...
(3 min, 30 sec, hebrew w/English subtitles)

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Jon Saboe said...

This demonstration of the "Tyranny of Bureaucracies" almost causes one to look back with fondness to monarchies. (Or perhaps look forward?)

Better yet, to the time of divinely-guided judges.

This simple little incident (as heart-wrenching as it is) should dispel the naïve notion that any man-made, political solution can solve the issues facing Israel – and the world.


Anonymous said...

these guys are nuts! this is religious extremism in its most horrific form. "Our land"??? the whole world is laughing at you~
Settlers are the cancer of Israel. They'll keep this region in the middle ages for a long time to come...

Akiva said...

Religious extremism? Buying a building or a site, moving into it, that's extremism? How is Tel Aviv any different? (The Arabs of Yaffo will tell you, IT ISN'T.)

Either we have right to The Land, legal rights through purchase, historical rights through living here, G-dly rights through the Torah, or we don't. And it doesn't make any difference whether we're talking about Hebron, or Petach Tikvah, Shiloh, or Holon, Ariel, or Netanya, Efrah, or Haifa.

Clearly, the Arabs of Gaza first said we had no rights in Gaza, now none in S'Derot, now none in Ashkelon...next Ashdod...then Holon, then Tel Aviv!

Jon Saboe said...

To the gutless Anonymous:

Hiding behind anonymity is the safest way to broadcast ones ignorance, and you are taking full advantage of it.

Assuming, for the moment, that you are American, how would you like it if rogue terrorist groups were attacking and pillaging your border towns (wait, that’s actually happening), and then some international bully demanded that all US citizens leave Texas and Arizona and no longer be allowed to “settle” them. And then, as a symbol of good faith, we divide up Washington DC, forcibly relocating the residents into Black only, White only, and Hispanic only zones.

This IS the Annapolis plan, being foisted on Israel right now. It is NOT a religious issue, although (obviously) there are religious considerations. Since I refuse to believe that President Bush is evil, I can only assume he is misguided, naïve, and clueless about history.

(Of course, if you DO believe Bush is evil, you should have no problem opposing his Annapolis plan.)

PM Begin once commented on one of President Carter’s more idiotic thoughts, saying that his idea was no different than suggesting that all Jews be banned from Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

Forced population relocations as an attempt to solve problems has never worked, even though Stalin certainly championed the concept.


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