Friday, May 02, 2008

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Sweet Davening

(received via email, h/t Joshua...)

There's a story about a shiur that went on for decades in America...made up of older Jews...the majority were age 70 up to 100. They were all very simple but enthusiastic. They came to America and worked to support their families. They could read Hebrew, but often didn't understand what they read. They did a shiur on the medrash.

One day a younger Jew in his late 40s observed an older one davening with such enthusiasm. This yid was known for his great enthusiasm in davening and he barely could read Hebrew and certainly didn't know even what the borchu meant.

The younger Jew asked him, how can you daven with such enthusiasm, such energy when you don't even know what you are saying?

The older jew responded in yiddish, what does it matter if I know what I'm saying when the words are so sweet!

Story from Reb Paltiel on "", Tanya ch. 40, internet audio.

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