Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Preliminary Lag B'Omer Post

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Historically, Lag B'Omer has been a heavy posting time hear at Mystical Paths. We've pointed you to where you could donate Chai Rotel, the drinks of blessing for kever Rashbi, gotten you connected to live video feeds and posted live reports from the Kever of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron.

We did that with Rabbi Nati on-site, and myself in the US coordinating. This year, we both may be there (though it's looking very difficult for me personally), and if not we're both in Israel (in the same time zone), and Lag B'Omer is Thursday night into Erev Shabbos. All in all, it may mean less live posts and more after-the-fact posts. Regardless, we hope to have some pictures and video from this year.

In the meantime, check out this Rashbi site and a video from that site below. Oh, and if you want to get ILL, the FADE/FAKE Kabbalah People site is SELLING a live access feed with personal reporting by their "Rabbi" Karen and Mr. Michael, where for only $26 you can tap into their mystical wellspring of Light, love, blessings and protection by all-night study of their Meron feed (that's a quote) while their leaders share their experience with you from inside Rashbi's cave in Meron. Gag, retch.

A Meron preview video here.

Watch the mini-blog, if we don't have updates going here, they'll be via cellphone into the mini-blog to the right (sidebar top).

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Anonymous said...

Hey learn from them! if we were as kind as they were,,,, ahavet yisrael ahavat briut, parrallel amongst chassidim to the secular, mashiach wouldnt have come yesterday he would have come hundreds of years ago . Im sick of this frum attitude your better then everyone else guess what your not !!

Akiva said...

Dear Anonymous:

They are a cult that that perverted kosher teachings and turned them into a modern day fade. They are making hundreds of millions of dollars by new-age-ifying Jewish mysticism.

I'd sure like to hear about their wonderful chesed and ahavah that has so impressed you, for as far as I can tell everything they do just feeds back into the organizations growth and control.

Anonymous said...

so why arent there kosher alternatives ? are they not kind , do not middot proceed torah , ain derech eretz ain torah .i wish there was a more kosher group out there teching healing based on the holy name of 72 as they do etc .... i find it sad that the orthodox jews in my community 85 percent dont know the name of 72 and its power yet the kabbalah center does, this akiva is the real tragedy , not there millions but our ignorance of our own garden .

Anonymous said...

i am the anonymous on the 2 previous posts of this particular disscussion . Ive completely changed my mind about the kabbalah center . before yesterday i gave it the benefit of the doubt , that is until yesterday . I went to a walmarts in boston with my dad looking through the music cd's saw madonnas newest cd . She was dressed in black leather spreading her legs with a wip, on both sides of the album , to boote with a big crusifix aroud her chest . the title was hard candy ,,,,"perverse ". i know longer have anything nor does my father have anything to do with the kabbalah center . im sad disgusted revolted !i feel bad that this ahavah has led to exactly what other cults led led too , ahavah without mishpat .

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