Sunday, May 11, 2008

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Palestinian Media Lies

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

It's just 2 weeks ago we wrote about the Palestinian Humanitarian Disaster of the moment. In that one, they killed the fuel delivery guys, then complained that they were about to be plunged into darkness (due to lack of fuel at the power plant). Oh my.

Today, they shot 21 rockets and numerous mortars into Israel, including at the fuel depot, killing 1 innocent civilian.

And now they complain that they didn't get enough fuel and shut down their power plant, plunging part of Gaza into darkness. Oh my.

Funny thing that, it seems to me that if you keep killing the fuel delivery guys, at some point you just might find yourself short of fuel.

When you see pictures of the poor Palestinians in candle light, keep in mind they blew up the delivery guy. You'll probably find the news media fails to mention that. So will the UN when they start screaming about the horrible humanitarian situation.

Burma/Mynamar, now that's a true horrible humanitarian situation.

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