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News: Quartet Presses Palestinians on Attacks

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

CNN reports that the Mideast Quartet, four international entities seeking peace between Israel and the Palestinians -- expressed deep concern Friday over Palestinian murder attempts against innocent Israeli civilians and rocket attacks on Israeli civilian populations in southern towns. Further, it called to task Hamas for creating a humanitarian disaster by attacking those facilitating the transfer of food, medicine, and international aid.

XXXXXXXXXXXX - Just kidding. That would be in a world of just nations, instead...

The Mideast Quartet -- four international entities seeking peace between Israel and the Palestinians -- expressed deep concern Friday over Israeli settlement in the West Bank. The group urged Israel to freeze all settlement activity and to dismantle outposts erected since March 2001. It also expressed concern about Palestinian civilian deaths and injuries, including the recent death of a mother and her four children in Gaza. It expressed "deep concern" over the humanitarian conditions in Gaza and called for continued emergency and humanitarian assistance and the provision of essential services to Gaza without obstruction.

Ahh, that's better, that sounds like this world.

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  1. is it not ovious to all you orthodox fools kahane tzedek ! kahane was right, not your pulpit rabbis who barred him from speaking at your shuls ! 25 years ago he warned us

  2. This is the kind of emotional religious manipulation I am wrote about earlier. Avoid internalizing it like the plague.

  3. Sometimes I like Islamic terrorist countries like Iran.They don't give a fig to what the Europeans or Americans, Quartet or shmuqtet think. They do what they like and we see that everyone in Euorpe and U.S is supporting them. No one asks them or even expects them to have democracy in their own countries and never blames them for their terrorists acts.Why? Becuase they are scared of them to the point that they even want to offer them Israel as a sacrifice.In this world only power is respected not democracy.If Israelis or Jews in general could understand what living under Islamic fascist rule means, they would even nuke the whole world instead of accepting to be sold by its Western friends to Islamic Imperialists. I wonder what Jews would be capable of if they knew what Hitler and his people were planning for them and how defenseless they were against such great enemies. One thing that has damaged our people for the last few thousands years was the idea of machiach. I wish we didn't have this one stupid belief. I wish at least some 3000 years ago some prophet had said: People there is a moshiach and he will be here to save you exactly 4000 from now!Then we could see the truth like the other people of the world and could act accordingly.I wonder if survivor is that important.
    This is not about emotional religious manipulation. Its about seeing the truth and accepting it.Kahane could see the truth. Even many non-religious people could see this. the only ones who couldn't see the truth were the self-rightous people who belived Jews are better than other people of the world and must behave like holy Saints.They didn't behave like normal people of other coutries so they lost and we see the results.

  4. G, you are fishing to pull up fear to support a Kahanist agenda. This is exactly the kind of rhetoric that is no good for Israel or the West. Whatever the truth may be, this kind of rhetoric obscures it. It doesn't bring any clarity at all to the situation.

  5. Fishing to pull up fear to support a Kahanist agenda?
    I can imagine some people walking around at the start of Nazi area and warning others of the coming dangers but being accused of'fishing to pull up fear to support the anti-nazi agenda!
    Kahana's ideas were good for his time. He wasn't listened to. Now his ideas are of no use anymore.Too late to even consider them.Maybe the only way before our nation is another Masada, and learning the ways of our Arab cousins. Maybe there is a reason why so many of them have survived and their population is many times more than ours.

  6. Rabbi Akiva,
    I appreciate your writings and the topics you view on this site. In a world where the melodramatists against Israel have their sway, I can come here for some sensible news and commentary. It's a breath of sanity in an insane world.


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