Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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News of Note

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

* Lebanon is melting down into civil war. Hizbollah is not the only armed group in Lebanon, it seems every ethic group (there's 5 of them) is it's own personal army. While in general we really shouldn't need to care, the chaos will allow them to openly act as a launching ground for Iran funded efforts to hurt Israel. As one Lebanese blogger wrote...

Anyone who thinks that this was a smart move by Hassan, Nabih, Talal and even the orange idiot had better think twice. Chances are, this open door will lead to a few hundred thousand shut ones. And it'll be raining missiles outside. We had better pray that normalcy comes back quick to this fragile land of bloodshed.

Real info from Lebanon here, here, and here.

* Largest US Kosher Meat Plan Shut Down by Immigration Raid

Rubashkin's, Aaron's Best, Supreme Kosher, Shor HaBor, all via Agriprocessors in Iowa, are now shutdown. Why? Seems over 80% of the employees where illegal aliens (Hispanic workers in the US without authorization) and somebody finally did something about it. Seems the US government targets a big company every 2 years or so, meat packing companies are a favorite (because ALL the floor workers are always illegal), and this time Agri was the target.

Problem: Agriprocessors provides as much as 50% of US kosher meat and kosher meat products (prepared meals and so forth).

Problem: Not only are the Hispanic floor workers illegal aliens, in the past Agriprocessors hired shochtim (ritual slaughters) from Israel, also without US work authorization. (So they're not undocumented, they have passports, but they are not authorized to work in the US on the type of visa they have.)

If both the Hispanic and the Israeli workers go, Agriprocessors will not be able to function (or certainly won't be able to with their current product pricing structure.)

Local news report here.

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