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Mercaz HaRav: Naftali ben Gila

-- A Public Service Announcement from Emunah Paths --

(This information is directly confirmed with the family as of May 6, 2008, and sourced partially from the One Family Tzedakah Fund in Israel.)

There has recently been a tremendous amount of erroneous information on various email lists regarding the condition of Naftali ben Gila Rachel, the most seriously wounded student at Mercacz Harav yeshiva. [Akiva - Two of which I personally received via separate routes this week.]

The following information is up to date as of Monday April 14 and comes directly from Naftali's mother, and was re-confirmed with Naftali's aunt on May 6, 2008:

Naftali was critically injured in the attack. He was unconscious for 8 days, and regained consciousness on Friday night March 14. He was moved out of ICU into the surgical ward of Shaare Tzedek hospital on Tuesday March 18. He celebrated his 14th birthday on Purim.

The family is very much aware of all of the tefillot and the concerted effort undertaken by many in the community on behalf of Naftali and his recovery, and are very thankful for the tremendous outpouring of concern and the well wishes that have been expressed. The inaccuracies that have been circulated recently are therefore all the more painful for them.

On Friday night, April 4, Naftali suffered symptoms that are similar to a seizure, but were not actually an epileptic seizure. Hospital staff moved him back into ICU as a precautionary measure for observation.

On Sunday, April 6, Naftali was moved back to the Surgical Ward, where he has remained ever since. At no time did he suffer a stroke or anything similar, and at no time since he regained consciousness was his life in any danger. His condition is steadily improving, and he is often out in the halls of the ward in his wheelchair. In the hospital, he continues to keep up with his learning, and plays the violin when he is bored. He was allowed out of the hospital for the Pesach seder, and then returned to the hospital in the morning.

At no time did Naftali have a name added for tefillot. His name was, and is, Naftali ben Gila Rachel.

May 8 Update: You will be happy to hear that Naftali is making good progress in the rehab center. (Which clearly indicates he's moved on from regular hospital care to a rehab center.)

Baruch Hashem, as the information above indicates, Naftali has made tremendous and miraculous improvements and appears to be clearly on the road to recovery, rehabilitation (which itself will take months to years), and G-d willing to a normal life.

While the family is extremely appreciative of all the tefilos and concern for Naftali, they beg the Jewish world to please try to stop inaccurate e-mails. E-mails from the original incident requesting immediate and urgent tefilos continue to circulate (with no date markings), emails about adding a name as he's on the edge of death (not true), and requests for another round of urgent tefilos due to a stroke (mistaken information). These are all untrue (thank G-d!)

Naftali's mother conveys her thanks and warm wishes to all of Klal Yisroel.


  1. It is already over a year later... Should I take Naftali ben Gila off of my list, that B'H he is all better?

  2. There was a subsequent post that stated he's out of critical situation and into normal rehab. So the critical mishaberach's can be stopped.


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