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Jewish National Home of Palestine

Guest Post by Elisheva at Mystical Paths

In 1922, the United States Congress ratified the "Jewish National Home in Palestine". In 1932, US President Herbert Hoover reafirmed this and noted the previous desolate (that means empty, as in NO ONE LIVING THERE) condition of the Holy Land. Read history, know the truth and understand the lies of the 'peace process' of today.

Please make use of this very important document, share it, post it, and forward it to the US State Department that seems to have forgotten.

The White House
Washington, DC
29, October 1932

On the occasion of your celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which received unanimous approval of both houses of Congress by the adoption of the Lodge-Fish Resolution in 1922, I wish to express the hope that the ideal of the establishment of the National Jewish Home in Palestine, as embodied in that Declaration, will continue to prosper for the good of all the people inhabiting the Holy Land.

I have watched with genuine admiration the steady and unmistakable progress made in the rehabilitation of Palestine which, desolate for centuries, is now renewing its youth and vitality through the enthusiasm, hard work and self-sacrifice of the Jewish pioneers who toil there in a spirit of peace and social justice.

It is very gratifying to note that many American Jews, Zionists as well as non-Zionists, have rendered such splendid service to this cause which merits the sympathy and moral encouragement of everyone.

Herbert Hoover
October 29, 1932

Document image courtesy of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

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Isaac said...


Regarding the claim that there is "independence" -- that this is freedom to do as they want, we see now that there was never a situation like this where Jews were so dependent on the goyim like now; this situation has brought those who claim that they are independent -- because their conduct is to chase after goyim -- that, Heaven help us, they are totally dependent on goyim, and they can't do anything other than what the goy wants. (Lubavitcher Rebbe, Emor 19 Iyar 5734)


This condition they call "independence" -- at a time when this is an exile even greater than the exile of an impoverished Jew, r"l, in a shtetl in Russia or Poland: that Jew trembled from a goy, how much moreso from a goy with "buttons" (as they called it then) -- but there was a reason for this fear, because if the will arose in the goy to give the Jew a smack, there was no one to prevent it. But now, they invite the goy to come to the Jews and be the boss there, and there they "negotiate" with him, and tell him: "yes, you are 'our brother', you are a righteous and upright person and your claims are credible, but there is no choice you are obligated to promise something, etc. -- at least give a smile...and more: express in words that you are satisfied. And they demand from you more than this: give weapons to the states around and to the Jews give at the most a third of this! (Lubavitcher Rebbe, L'ag B'Omer 5738)


"When they wanted to put the name of the Holy One, blessed be He (into the declaration of Independence) -- they refused and put in the words 'tsur Yisrael' which has two meanings: one can think that this is the Holy One, blessed be He, and one can also think about something else, and this itself is shituf!" (Lubavitcher Rebbe, Shelach 5730)

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