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Independence or Dependence?

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

Atzmayi or Lo Atzmayi?

We can see that there is no truth to this at all! When the Erev Rav and Bush Inc can destroy and intimidate, threaten, beat at will... then we are in trouble folks!

This day marks the Yartzeit of Am Israel.

60 years ago we were gathered after the Holocaust. And what happened? The Erev Rav put us in a vegetative, garbanzo bean, chickpea state. Rav Brody at Lazer Beams says 'The Falafel State'. This was until they could figure out what to do with us.

Wake up and see. If you're honest with yourselves, G-d help us, you'll see us on the brink of annihilation. 'The final solution' has put us in State run ghetto to slowly strangle us, to dope us with materialism and goyish music, TV, xxx and drugs, to tear our kids away from us and Torah with secularism, MTV and the like, and with the media as the tool to cause one to mistrust the other to the point of hatred.

We have surely helped them do their job well by sleeping on the job running after all the money, because of our lack of faith in Hashem!

Atzmayi (hebrew) - independent or self reliant. Or as in Yom HaAzmaut, Israeli Independence Day. The only way to be truly independent is to have Emunah and Bitachon in Hakodosh Barachu and in His Torah!

It seems obvious to anyone who sees clearly that there appears to be a lack of this in the world, especially in relation to the Jewish people of whom I'm a member. As we come to the second “Independence Day” since the sinful destruction of the Jewish communities of Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron (West Bank), it appears more obvious every day that this is a recurring theme in our history. Now it is the separation of the Holy city of Jerusalem! And know, this is right out of the words of the (biblical) prophets.

Even the Xian's children of preschool age know this from Sunday school, but ask a Jew and we have no clue! Ask yourself why? As a rabbi I must help all of those of want to understand, and if I have failed in this until now, please forgive me!

Ask yourselves, are we truly independent? Or is this a deception that has been used to keep us from making trouble in the world? If we choose to take all this at face value, we would seem to have limited independence and freedom. Or, is this just an illusion? Are we fooling ourselves? I say YES!!!!!

What does it mean to be independent? Politically, economically, physically, spiritually? We can look at the first golus (exile), the Egyptian. We went because of famine, we stayed because it was comfortable, and became slaves. This appears to me to indicate dependency, not independence. And we have been trying to return to this status, as slaves, ever since.

Wake up, grow up, for we are so helplessly dependent on this world, we are so addicted to this system of things. Otherwise, we would cry out like we did in Egypt. ENOUGH!!!

We do not seem to be ready or able to admit that two thousand years of frustration, annihilation and failure has caused us to become ill, 'Choleh Nefesh', spiritually sick. We suffer from neuroses, the cause of which is being separated from our source, Hashem, the root of all our souls. We are what the doctors like to call co-dependent, on the junk of this world! And we resist reconnection to Hashem, because we would have to separate from the things we are comfortable with. We yet again prove that we are not ready to be unplugged from this matrix of this world.

Someone asked me my opinion on whether to say or not to say Hallel (the great prayers of praise) in honor of "Israeli Independence Day"? And I asked this question in response, “Are we truly independent?” I believe that we are in a Erev Rav, Herodian dictatorship sponsored and directly under the proxy rule of Rome (i.e. The United States and European Union). And if this is the case, then maybe we are making a bracha (the blessing for the great praise) in vain. Instead I believe that we should be sitting and mourning in sack cloth and ashes and saying Kaddish, as did Yermiyahu and Mordechai. This answer was not popular, I was almost lynched.

This sounds very discouraging, very depressing. But don't be discouraged, yesh ma'la'sot, there is a response! Our forefathers set the example of the correct course of action, with strong Emunah and Bitachon 'faith and trust' we must cry out to our Father in Heaven, AS we did in Egypt.

I have started an online petition here. This is not another political petition, or click to show you care and subsequently will be ignored.

This is a spiritual petition. As the geulah was (in Egypt), so the geulah will be. First the Jews cried out, Hashem heard and remembered. He sent Moshe rabaynu. When Moshe rabaynu came to redeem the Jews, he came to the elders. And the elders declared the redemption and informed the people, and Moshe accepted the leadership and began the redemption. We must CRY OUT to Hashem, together as one, as the Jewish people, it's time. And, we must demand, yes demand, of the elders, the gedolim of our generation, the princes of Torah, to declare it's time for the redemption.

Around the world, this is an online petition. Here in Israel, it's a physical one. We're going out, sometimes with camera in hand, to ask people directly, do you want the geulah?

With, G-d willing, tens of thousands of both physical and virtual signatures, we will approach the Torah leaders of our generation and demand that they take the necessary spiritual and practical actions to end this golus now!

Do you care, do you dare, to stand up and be counted among the minyan's of Hashem? As Yehoshua bin Nun said 'As for me and my house, we shall serve Hashem.'

Some say we can just sit back, pray, learn some Torah, do the daily mitzvot of Judaism, the rest is up to Hashem. But, if we just sit back and take no actions in this world, then we have no voice in Shamayim and we're destined to stay 'Itah', till the end, and then we deserve what we get, G-d forbid.

We need to realize that we are all helplessly dependent on Hashem or we would not exist for even one moment. It is only those who can see and understand this that are truly independent in this world.

Shalom and blessings,
Rabbi Nathanel Levi Ben Yitzak Ben Chana Shara M' Breslev


Shiloh said...

First, they are not Erev Rav. Erev Rav is some other "Jews" which is best left alone. The Torah was given to US to help us manover in this physical world. It was not given to keep us in the getto. This is nonsense. One can listen to secular music, watch sports on Tv, watch a movie (like many haredim who watch a movie on their dvd player in their computer, who are you trying to kid here). One can completely live the Torah life in this world here and now. I did not say 'rabinical torah', now did I. One thing you hit the nail on the head about, we are all slaves, slaves to control. That's a hint of Erev Rav. Another thing, we must all cry out to haShem. Only then will He, Blessed be He, step in. Mitzvot of men have failed for 2000 years. Before one say's, look it kept us alive, look at the promise of the Tanach first, we would exist anyway. Probably would be freed from 'controlers' (Erev Rav), and live in the geulah long long ago. We will never learn, will we. Have a wonderful Independence day for what it is today, enjoy the family and grilling some food. Chag Sameach

Shiloh said...

One last thing, me and my house serve haShem, just not men in little outfits.

Neshama said...

Shilo -
It seems to me that the things you have written, bespeak being swallowed up by the Erev Rav and their teachings.
Many great and superbly great have much to say about the Erev Rav, such as the Vilna Gaon and the Leshem, but maybe you never heard of them?

Anonymous said...

in parshat haazino Hashem wants to make an end to us ,,, but for the long haired sword of the enemy who says I did it, i beat them ! . this humiliation Hashem cant stand so he goes to bozrah in the wine press . Nati your prayers for yisrael are so genuine and from love of israel and a broken heart ,,,tehillim 51. im with you as are many in israel ! we are sick of being bombarded and brainwashed by esau / amalak , we want the truth to be redeemed from these truth haters . We want heaven on earth , we want geulah ! may enough cry out that Hashem deals with his enemies and our enemies and brings real shleimut and shalom to this sick . We are all waiting for the awesome miracles of Hashem !

Shiloh said...

Neshama, study the Zohar, then open your eyes dear little blind one.

Shiloh said...

By the way neshama, While you are studying, questioning everything, including all those you have listed, plus others you missed, learn about spelling a persons name. It's שילוה. Yes, that's correct also in hebrew.

Reb. Nati said...

It is a terrible thing that we expend so much effort and money on the worship of the Erev Rav state and the accomplisments of men!

And all the while ignoring the fact that it is Hashem whom fufilled his word to us in the prophets! How is that?

I did not see or hear one word about the miricles He has and is doing for us! Only that 'they, we fought and captured and the like' and we made a state. I say it sounds like we are worshiping the deeds of men, which I might add is idol worship! "For you shall have no other god's before me!"

A Jews independence day is Yom KIppur when all our sins are forgiven! if we put as much money and effort into being b'shimcha on rosh Hashana may be then we would get some where. Think do be a fool!

Reb. Nati said...

Do not be a fool

Shiloh said...

I say it sounds like we are worshiping the deeds of men, which I might add is idol worship!


Reb Nati, this is absoulutly correct. Not only the deeds, but it extends much further. In short, we are still idoloters. We truly have learned nothing. "as a dog returns to his vomit so does a fool return to his foolishness." I realize I make some uncomfortable, but we must wake up now. We must call to haShem, not waste the seed on empty mitzvot of men. Torah is a different thing obviously. I am talking what you would refer to the written Torah. Whether we make the land an idol, focusing on the minute or expanding a Torah mitzvot we are treading on pure idolotry. Anyway, all the best.

joshwaxman said...

"With, G-d willing, tens of thousands of both physical and virtual signatures, we will approach the Torah leaders of our generation and demand that they take the necessary spiritual and practical actions to end this golus now!"

Which Torah leaders? And if it is in the power of these Torah leaders of our generation, why have they not already taken these steps, even before you present them with the petition? Presumably they are also frumme yidden who want the geulah. What sorts of practical actions do you envision them taking?

Kol Tuv and Chag Sameach,

joshwaxman said...

By the way, there is a wonderful guest-post at Emes veEmunah by Rabbi Bill Kanter -- "Thanking God - An Analogy"

Anonymous said...

Shalom, to all.
Shiloh, do not worry about the comfort of others: the truth in your words cannot be denied. The Torah must be followed, plain and simple. One above quoted Parshat Ha'Azinu and focused upon the "end being made of us."

Pay close attention to these words, all, because the geulah that so many thirst for has been specified as to occurrence.

(Devarim 32.36)when the Living G-D sees that there is no might left among Klal Yisrael, and neither bond nor free left.

G-D will intervene not under temporal, but under CONDITIONAL prerequisite. The line tells when.

Watch, watch as the world "closes in," watch as the companies, the governments, the establishments, take away the few freedoms that are left.

And this what everyone wishes? True redemption will occur when all of us turn toward the Torah...written pure and true.

Those who thirst for Geulah...better make certain you're "right" with everything, and for the right reasons. Or else the Nevi'im are in error (may G-D forbid it): 2/3 will burn, and the remaining 1/3 will be refined. Refined. Think. The catastrophes that will befall...and you have water and food. Your brother needs it.

Will we justify our own exitence or will we follow Vayikra 19 and extend both to our achim and to the gerim as well? The credentials of any man are not important if the man is not following HaTorah. If a man should be the next successor when the Bayis HaMikdash is rebuilt.. the Kohen Ha Gadol...and if he is not following HaTorah correctly or teaching lies? Better tie the rope nice and tight!

The geulah should be desired SUBSEQUENT to the desire to follow Torah. Every day needs to hold an attitude of Yom Kippur for us. Basics. Ahavat Yisroel, reinforced with the discipline of Torah. Shiloh? Yes, the written Torah. All other works, though they have merit, are supplementary. And if they contradict? As it is written in Yeshayahu 29.13: Commandments of men, learned by rote.

Minhagim are minhagim. It it 1/2 of the shamash, or all of it, or an equal number of strands? Go to Torah: petil techelet. There it is, and no mention of the chilazon. I like in R. Aryeh Kaplan's anthology, he wrote the techelet from the chilazon was very expensive even back then and only the wealthy could afford it.

Hmm. Would the Living G-D command something of us that couldn't be done? No, as Moshe instructed us.

Redemption comes through the mercy of G-D, and collectively (as a whole) we have not yet merited it. We do not follow Torah completely as a people and we are not (as a people) lights unto the nations. See Rabbi Brody's post in Lazer Beams of the chief Sephardic Rabbi who may vote to annul thousands of converts due the actions of one Rabbi. I am appalled. Is the covenant only for us? Is this what most of us believe, that we are so holy and so special that none merit it but us? If one believes this, then Nitsavim (Devarim 29) must really hurt to read.

Ahavat Yisroel, Torah, and love for the stranger. The face in the mirror is the one who bears ultimate responsibility. And guess what?

Chi mitzion taytzay Torah u'd'var Y-WH mirushalayim.
Lo Klum...who loves both G-D and all of you

josh said...

Reb Nati,
It's one thing to cry out for geulah, it's another to delve close to sinat chinam.

With God's help, I wrote a decent post last night but my PC froze. In these cases, I'm not sure if it's my angel sending me a message not to post something too agressive or another angel trying to prevent others from seeing something that might strengthen their emunah.

So basically, I said Hallel in the morning and celebrated today with my family in Migron with thousands of other white shirted people. The people who came to Migron are not the pareve national religious of the past who supported the mafdal. The people who came to Migron (your neighbours) are the ones that are frightening the current ruling elite. While the Haredim are only involved on the spiritual, the new torani generation is studying serious torah as well as moving up the ladder of leadership, build new villages, and making more babies too.

Certainly since the expulsion and Amona, it is all the clearer that we celebrate Hashem's gift of infrastructure that allows us to do mitzvot in Eretz Yisrael, as well as giving us self-confidence that has not existed in almost 2000 years. We are not celebrating the secular shabbat violating leaders of the past or certainly not the corrupt of today and one day it will be obvious to all (not just the few) why only seculars could create a state and not the religious (haredi and national religous) who are still not even near to united today.

Why do we still celebrate and say Hallel on Hanukah?! The Ben David kingdom was not restored, and we know that that Jewish renewal only last a couple of hundred years. On one hand, we can't compare Hanukah to Yom Haatzmaut, but then again, maybe (as Breslev teaches I believe) our mitzvot today are all the more powerful than those of the past because of the tremendous effort needed now. Jews overcoming the goyim in 1948 (56, 67, 73, etc...) might be making more of a spiritual difference than the Maccabees. Maybe Yom Haatzmaut should be a yom tov!

I also question you about the 'rabbis' you're going to present an internet petition too. Will the Gerer rabbi and Rav Ovadia care what us surfers think about?

I can assure you that there's no reason in crying to Hashem if us God-fearing Jews can't deal with the situation together. Please write about that when it happens.

Jon Saboe said...

Dear Reb Nati

Every word you say is true. And all I can say is that every individual (not government or organization) that loves freedom, honors God, and desires peace weeps with you.

Dependence on God IS freedom from the world, and the Israeli people (like I fear the American people) have been seduced into thinking that their security and prosperity come from politics and movements rather than from the hand of God.

As one of those "Xtians", who actually happens to believe that Torah is the mind of God, we can only hope and pray for the day that all of HIS promises will someday be fulfilled.

With love….

Anonymous said...

"Shiloh said" talks like a xian.

joshwaxman said...

sounds to me more like a neo-Karaite.

josh said...

Just to be a bit clearer, we say hallel for two main reasons:

- conquering the land after 2000 of exile

- the many miracles of the 'Independance war'

R. Nati, I understand the pain, but it ain't going to help blaming Israel or some other general idea.
The change will have to come with us Israelis and giving up our inferiority complex to the goyim. Baruch Hashem, we're kicking butt for about 60 years now, and only takes a tiny bit of emunah to see that ONLY Hashem is responsible for that.

g said...

"the chief Sephardic Rabbi may vote to annul thousands of converts due the actions of one Rabbi."
Remember the good old days when conversion was so easy that Ruth said: "I am joining your people. want it or not!" and she became a Jew. there was no discussion about it! She wasn't even asked to wear a sheitel to prove anything!

Anonymous said...

the guy is on our side whats with the put downs you litle punks !~ he said the Torah is the mind of God didnt he .

Shiloh said...

When people cannot present logic based on the Torah they can only refer to slander. It seems if one loves the Torah, defends Derech haShem the 'religious' have their only back up, slander. David haMelech was treated by the same people the same way. Nothing new under the sun, is there. The geulah will take place because as the prophets say, "NOT FOR YOUR SAKE WILL I DO THIS, BUT TO SAVE MY GREAT NAME". So all who believe they are doing the will of haShem, how can we be doing it when we have replaced the Torah with another religion called rabinical Judaism. Who cares what the goyim do, what they invented, it matters not. What matters is what we do, end of story. If we have errored, then we, together will have to change it. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we are in for a very hard ride ahead of us.
Thanks Anonymous, Shabbat Shalom

Reb. Nati said...

Thanks Joe For the support, and to all the others who are helping to clear the path. we should be understanding of one another. But do you want the geulah or not this is the question and only question. if there is any doubt then you better pray and ask Hashem because i do not want the 'rough ride ahead'

Reb. Nati said...

josh call me

Devash said...

"g" -- In Ruth's time, half the world wasn't pretending to be Jewish while following a false messiah. Not approving of the actions in this particular circumstance. Only telling you that the circumstances are quite different and require different things.

Yosef said...

Reb Nati, Thank you. This looks like a revolution in the making! I'm with you in not wanting the 'rough ride'!! Seems we are getting many warnings from all over creation that spells out 'rough ride'. Whatever we need to do to bring the geulah...
May Hashem give us moshiach ASAP.

Anonymous said...

13 middot of rachamim cast our sins into the depths of the seas ,,,and bring moshiach asap !

Chaye Netzach said...


Yasher Koach, Reb Nati.

We also try to bring over Gheulah by reparing the sin which originated the exile.

Baseless hatred made Hashem angry at us, so we try to repair our sin by making baseless love. We do Chessed Shel Emet by saying Psalms and Kaddish for the elevation of abandoned souls who receive none by their family. May Hashem accept our repentence and give us His true redemption.

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