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Hear Our Cry!

by Reb Akiva & Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, who sips coffee while missiles strike malls and children in Ashkelon, says "Ayn Ma La'asot", there is nothing to do. Israeli Defense Minister Barak, who tours and reviews and restrains all action proposals from the army while towns and now cities are cowering, says "Ayn Ma La'asot", there is nothing to do. Bush and Rice, who stand a in brotherhood and partnership while wielding the carving knife and going for the heart say, there's nothing to do but give them everything they want, lean back for surgery please.

We met the chief rabbi of a major Israeli city at the Kotel, a big rav with his talmidim coming to pray. R. Nati approached him and asked for his approval, or at least his signature, on our cry for the geulah. He said, "why, I already pray for this 3 times a day." We walked away downtrodden. But then we realized, he's right...

The Lubavitcher Rebbe called out, "I've done all that I can do, now it's up to you." It doesn't come from the tzaddikim. HaRav HaTzadik Rav Shalom Arush, shlita, the Breslov Tzadik of Meah Shearim, collapsed this week from his constant and intense prayers to Hashem for the safety of Klal Yisroel and for the geulah. (Daven for HaRav Shalom ben Yamnah.) It doesn't come from the gedolim.

It doesn't come from them, BUT they can point the way. The Rebbe taught, if just 10 stubborn men would demand the geulah. Rav Arush, in a video here, taught if we just spend 10 minutes talking to the Creator of the World asking, that would be enough.

The cry MUST come from the klal, from the people. When we cry, Hashem will hear.

They've done what they could do. Now, will we? We are coming to Shavuos, and one of the oddest Midrashim says that the mountain was held over the people's heads. They cried out together, 'we will do and we will hear'. But Hashem has a way of pushing these issues, for if they didn't, they would have been destroyed and so would have the world, for without ones who cry and connect to Hashem, and do His will, there is no purpose for this world.

We can cry out, together, right now, to Hashem, to the Ribono Shel Olam, the Master of the Universe, the Creator of the World, to our Father in Heaven, please, enough, we only want You, not the shtuss of this world, only You. Save your people, bring us Moshiach now, bring us the Geulah now, bring us the time when Your presence will cover the Earth as the seas cover the oceanbed.

Or, we can go about our business. And Hizbollah builds on one border, Hamas on another, Iran builds nuclear capacity, Al Quaeda plans their next hit, tornados tear up one State, floods another, the economy spirales down and commodities spiral up, Jews are attacked in US Jewish communities, and our friends prepare to slice out our heart and give it away.

Better we think, to cry out now.

So let's make our voices heard. We are told in Shemos (Exodus) that in the first geulah (from Egypt) 'that Hashem heard', 'that He saw', 'that He remembered', and sent the Redeemer 'Moshe'.

The first step, crying out, is ours.

(R. Nati's geulah petition, if you want to click-out, is here.)

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  1. Go to YouTube and typed in a search for "MTHEL - Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser" and "directed energy lazer weapon" and "Talon Mobile Laser Air Defense". The original THEL system was shooting down drone KC-135's over Edwards AFB, when I was in the US Air Force in the early 80's. Israel helped the US perfect the THEL system, which is now the MTHEL, which can shoot down anything from ICBM's to mortar rounds. And Israel also has the TROPHY system. If the "leaders" in Israel wanted to create a virtual defense bubble around the whole of Israel, they could do it within a few years. Yet this technology has been around since the 1980's! Obviously, the "leaders" in Israel DO NOT wish to protect the Jewish people. They just want to maintain the status quo. It's time to kick these Chilonim traitors to the curb.

  2. Boker Tov.

    I recommend visiting the following site:

    This site holds confirmations of the things the nations are doing. I quote the (common era 5/18/2008) "Press Briefing by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice" as she was en route to Andrews:

    "And so, yes, there is more. I can tell you for certain that there is more going on in private, but that's the way people actually negotiate. They don't--if--because these are very sensitive issues for both sides and if a position that may or may not hold gets exposed prematurely, it's going to produce nothing but trouble for the negotiations. I don't know if you remember, but the most successful agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis was Oslo. Nobody even knew they were negotiating, and it suddenly came out that they had an agreement."

    All of this can be found toward the bottom of the press release. In addition there are releases from Pres. Bush and Sec. Hadley that are worth "gleaning" info. from.

    All of these things are true indicators of the geulah, and the Day of HaShem that will come. Zecharyah 14 could not be more specific.

    They revel, they revel now as they gather....but our G-D, Baruch HaShem, will deliver us if we keep faith with Him.

    Shalom v'l'chayyim,
    Yesha Galluzzo

  3. I truly believe there are 10 men in israel praying intensely for geulah ,,,, in a sick way there are 10 men in christendome and ishmael praying for there tenants redemption . Its awfelly dark, i hope this is the true darkness before the dawn .

  4. Anonymous, it has zero to do with Chilonim. I know many chilonim who are very pro-Jewish Israel, in the army and the general public. You are correct in the traitor part though. It's very sad to see this unraveling on one hand, but the light is at the end of the tunnel on the other.

  5. Shiloh, with respect, militant Jewish nationalism is not the answer. It never has been and it never will be. The problem is not one of national policy. The problem is a decided lack of teshuva. No secular Jewish state will last for long, because the foundation for the Jewish state must be Torah. So, with respect, I see the Chilonim and the traitors in the government as impeding the will of HaShem. Of course, my opinion is in the minority. Militant nationalism is not the answer, but investing in the MTHEL system would put an end to the rocket and mortar attacks and would even terminate the threatened missle strikes from Iran. Sadly, the traitors in the Israeli government don't wish to terminate these threats or end the rocket and mortar attacks. I guess because they view such attacks as a form of job security. I say, kick them to the curb, because they have the power to save Jewish lives and they refuse to use that power.

  6. There is and will never be a political or millitary or any other physical solution to a spiritual problem! Get it through your heads! stop and and i mean stop trying to figure it all out as you cant all your preconceived ideas about what is about to happen are gonna come up way short get unpluged from this matrix and look at realaity it is simple. the gedolim are a sleep and now dieing in front of us. wake up realize you dont know anything! you dont understand anything! just trust in hqashem and do t'shuvah cry out to Hashem ask him to forgive your egocentic pride and fall on your faces and ask sincerly for him to save us according to his will and plan and not from ours all we can do is is come together as one and like little children beg plead and cry for mercy any any other response is fatil and futal

  7. Anonymous, I don't believe I talked about anything militant. I simply stated to not blame the Chilonim, nor compare them to the current leadership. A missunderstanding. I can have a field day with the religuous rituals just as much at fault as the secular. I can agree the gov't should do what it can to protect its own, but we don't get told the real picture either, but it's a pathetic situation for us.
    Did some one pee in your toasties Reb Nati? Do nothing, just lay on the ground and cry (don't forget the sack cloth too). Well last time I checked, Judaism is a religion of doing!! Not laying around crying. True, we need to pray, true we need to follow the Torah to the best of our ability. Before you shoot off at the hip, realize some know things that would blow your arrogant rant to pieces. Some keep their mouths shut about it. But things are concealed from especially you, and many "gedolim". Don't be offended, its part of prophecy. It's supposed to be this way. You are correct, there now, is zero we can do to stop the train. It began to roll 7 years ago now, and there is no one, nothing will change it's course. We are in for a very rough ride as stated before. I wish it where not so. The little I know, is enough to know to get out of the way, live Torah, pray and be patient which is not my cup of tea. In your frustration, remember, where is your trust and faith in haShem, looks like its getting a shakedown. I understand, I made aliyah too, I know it's very hard there in the cooker. But, since we mostly agree, we are in the redemption, the mashiakh is waiting for haShem to reveal him. Until then try to enjoy each day as it comes. The hard days will begin very quickly. All the best.


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