Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Empty Words, Empty Belief

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Welcome US President George W. Bush and US Secretary of State Condelizza Rice to the Land of Israel, the Holy Land, the land promised to Abraham, to Isaac, the Jacob. The land given to the Children of Israel as an eternal inheritance.

Mr. President, you profess to be a believing and practicing Christian. As part of your original election campaign, you presented that your belief in God saved your life from various negative directions it was headed. You profess to pray daily and to read the Christian bible daily.

I ask you, Mr. President, have you edited your bible to remove those sections where God promised the Land of Israel to the Children of Israel? Or, is it all a sham? Do you not really believe that the bible is relevant for today? And if not, why do you pray and attend services? Or do you believe that God is only relevant for your personal needs?

Ms. Rice, you are the daughter of a preacher and were raised in a religious environment. You certainly know the words of the bible, yet choose to disregard them and all that your father's home stood for. Every underdog is not another African American people and worthy of the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A great rabbi of the past asked the question, why did God start the bible with the creation of the world? After all, He could have started with the commandments. To demonstrate that the world is His, and he can choose to whom to give it. And YOUR bible teaches as well as MY Torah, he gave THIS Land to the Children of Israel.

But when it comes to bible versus political expediency, well, we know where you stand.

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  1. Akiva, you're talking about the OLD testament and I'm a believer in the NEW testament.

    Your 'friend' -W-

  2. Jews lived in Israel. Then some people quoted a New testament that said Israel should belong to Christians because now they were the new Israel.later on,the Final testament said that Israel SHOULD belong to Moslems !! war after war.
    I wish everone could just keep their testaments to themselves and get their hands off Jews and Israel.

  3. Akiva, the xtians believe that Go-d abandoned the Jews and that the xtians are now His chosen ppl and that all the Jews should return to Israel for their(xtians') "moshiach" to return, after which we the Jews (they believe) will all have to convert to Xtianity. I don't believe that but this is what the XTIANS believe. I as a Jew believe something else.


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