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by Akiva at Mystical Paths

We're going to delve into a practical analysis briefly. The situation in Israel is critical, though somewhat existential. Surrounded by enemies on all sides who have figured out a way to hit and hurt, Israel is unwilling as well as pressured by the world to avoid taking the steps that would defend herself and/or prevent further attacks.

Instead, she'll allow herself, or pieces of herself, to be sacrificed so the Western nations can keep their oil suppliers happy and stable (as if Israel has anything to do with their stability).

But, some of her population is bleeding (S'derot and everything south of Ashdod). Some is nationalistic and insists on acting as if land actually matters. Some is national religious, and acts as if settling the Land of Israel actually matters. And some just cares about the Land of Israel.

The rest, which is the 'silent majority'? They're just going about their lives, and as long as terrorist incidents remain 'low' and missile attacks remain outside where 70% of the population lives, hey, out of sight out of mind.

So what to do about those annoying segments that actually care? This isn't speculation, we'll define exactly WHAT WAS DONE starting with the Rabin government and continuing through the expulsion of Gush Katif...

1. Minimize the voice. No media reports. No government offices dispatched. Welcome to what's happening in S'derot. How many rockets this week, how many people hurt this month? I don't know, no reports IN ISRAEL.

2. Delegitimize. News reports focus on "crazy" settlers, "innocent" palestinians, "blockages to peace". Every investigative government agency investigates, they're is always something to find wrong, highlight it.

3. Organize trouble. Take the community trouble makers and let them run free. Have "friends" conveniently hand them trouble making resources. Make sure to have other "friends" nearby who are capturing information (video/audio) to make the evening news.

4. Make the community question itself, make the rest of the nation question the community. Take all the above together and you rob a community of it's voice, you divide it as some say it's gone overboard, and you make it considered either crazy, a laughing stock, or dangerous, by the rest of the nation.

This is not speculation, this is the program run several times in the past in Israel. As Jerusalem comes on the table and tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands stand to lose their homes, and murderers are to be brought within range of 90% of the Israeli population, you can be sure such tactics are already in progress.

You'll note that almost every Israeli commentor found the situation regarding Rabbi Nati to be completely plausible and in line with PAST Israeli internal events. A few Americans wish to believe that such things must be paranoia or a scam of some sort. Those same people, however, probably scream about the lost rights due to the US Patriot Act and other similar security measures the US has taken. Yet when they see the results of such things in action, they fail to grasp it.

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  1. Your ahavas Yisroel seems to be waning again. Are the Yidden misled, or evil and selfish (chas v'sholom)?

  2. Based upon my own experience as someone on the religious and cultural fringe, although different than Reb Nati's, I find it easily believable that such things can and do happen, even if in a different way here in America. It's very important not to lose one's head and panic, which is why religious zealotry can be so dangerous, even if not subversive. One has to stay cool-headed and not react based upon panic or emotion. It's easy to be stupid and reactive when one is being harrassed.

  3. On the other hand, the government can be stupid too. Nevertheless, that doesn't change an individual's responsibility not to be. I find it hard to imagine that the Israeli or American governments would do things to purposefully hurt the long term viability of either country. Dumb things, yes, but not things with malignant intent. Generally, anyway. Sick individuals within the government, however, may have less than good intentions - these are the ones to be careful of.

  4. Liora,why do governments do dumb things?becuase they fall into the hands of people with wrong intentions.while the majority is silent some people get into power and this happens.check the link below:how did this person got elected to this post?

  5. why do governments do dumb things?becuase they fall into the hands of people with wrong intentions.

    Not necessarily. Smart people with good intentions do dumb things all the time.

  6. One or a few individuals may do dumb things but a group of politicians never do dumb things.They consult each other and do what they believe is right for them, sometimes not necessarary what is right for people. its why people should not be silent and be active in chosing the right people as their elected governments. There is not such thing as dumb politicians.

  7. Groups of politicians do do dumb things. Any casual survey of the politics of politics confirms that.

  8. Anonymous - They believe they're maintaining national stability and staving off a future demographic threat.

    Torah and Jewish identity are not part of that type of calculation.

  9. The Lubavitcher Rebbe seemed to be very clear about what we should do when others come to do us harm.
    It also seems clear that many 'talk' about those very words with passion.
    And it also seems very clear that we are all talk.

    Everybody wants moshiach... but as soon as he tries to do something, we'll probably put him in prison and the majority will sit back and agree that 'radicals' like that need to be put in away.

    The government is without question against the people and even the so called 'religious' are against the people.

    Maybe it's time for a little revolution.

  10. Whoops. I meant to say "religious in the government."


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