Monday, May 12, 2008

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Bush Visit to Jerusalem - Schedule & Impact

-- A Public Service Announcement --

(From the Jerusalem municipal web site.)

Maximum security will be implemented in Jerusalem from Tuesday May 13th through Friday May 16th for the Israeli Presidential Conference and the visit of US President George Bush. This will effect the daily life and traffic in Jerusalem.

* Prohibited parking

Wednesday, May 14th
Museum Row, Shmuel Weiss,Rupin,Ramban,Paris Square, Agron, Hameches Square, King David, Amoni, PLumer Square,Jabotinsky, Wingate Square, Hanassi,Smolanskin,Keren Hayesod,Ben Zvi,Shazar,Binyanei Hauma (emergency exit)

Thursday, May 15th
Museum Row, Shmuel Weiss, Rupin, Ramban, Paris Square, Agron, Meches Square, King David, Admoni, Plumer Square, Jabotinsky, Wingate Square, Hanassi, Smolanskin, Keren Hayesod, Israel Museum Parking lot, Kaplan (between Rothschild and Rupin), Arlozorov.

Friday, May 16th
Admoni, King David, Meches Square, Agron, Paris Square, Ramban, Rupin, Shmuel Weiss, Museum Row, Israel Museum Parking lot.

Cars parking in these streets will be towed away.

* Street Closures

The following streets will be closed for the 3 day visit:

Keren Hayesod Intersection (Plumer Square) until Agron Intersection- Residents of the area will be allowd only upon presenting Id`s

Alternative driving routes
Begin Road, no. 9 road (Golda Meir Blvd., Yigal Yadin), Derech Hebron, Hativat Jerusalem, Haim Bar-Lev, Eshkol Blvd., Bar Ilan, Haneviim St., Jaffa St., Ben Zakai, Yehuda Hanassi, Golomb, Derech Moshe Baraam.

* Closed Sites

The Israel Museum:
Closed on Wednesday May 14th, from 17:00 until Friday, May 16th at 11:00.

Bible Lands Museum:
Closed from Wednesday May 14th until Friday May 16th

* Information Centers

Police: 1-700-90-20-30, will be open from May 12th from 12:00
Municipal hotline: 106, or 02-5314600

Info on the "Israeli Presidential Conference", via Haaretz...

The Israeli Presidential Conference headed by President Shimon Peres, which will open Tuesday, will be the largest conference ever held in Israel.

Thirteen heads of state, including U.S. President George Bush, are among the 3500 guests that are expected to attend the conference in honor of Israel's 60th anniversary.

The conference will bring together people from vastly different fields at the capital's International Convention Center, in what Gil calls "a celebration of Jewish intellect." Discussion subjects in panels and workshops are to range from medical ethics to "Why the New Middle East is Not Yet Here."

Along with Bush, other famous non-Jewish faces at the conference will include former Soviet Union president Michael Gorbachev, and newspaper mogul Rupert Murdoch.

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  1. This is extremely practical information for Jerusalem residents -- thanks for posting it.


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