Thursday, May 15, 2008

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Blocked, Rented, and Sold

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Today, Jerusalem was blocked, rented, and sold...

Blocked, as massive parts of Jerusalem were blocked off, businesses shut down, tourism shut down, lives distrupted, for the convenience of the political class. Whole streets were simply evacuated, major attractions reserved for their viewing pleasure. Somehow, we've come to expect and accept that, the people simply bow to the needs of the politicos, and the impact on the little people isn't of concern. This was true in the days of dukes, and such days seem to have returned.

The Old City, at least the Jewish quarter and the Kotel, were simply EMPTY, as it was exceedingly difficult to get there.

Rented, as on this day of Presidential Conferences the Kotel Archaeological Park was rented out to Evangelical Xians for a World Wide Celebration of some sort. While I'm not unhappy they chose Jerusalem for their event, I wonder on a day when a Jew had a hard time making it to the Kotel how 10,000 Xians had an easy time. And how it was ok for them to be blasting Xian gospel rock in range of the Kotel.

Sold, as this is why Gog has come. The conference of world leaders is here, and the cup of poison has been poured. Will the division of Jerusalem proceed apace and we'll enter the days written in the navi'im, will the world leaders drink? The answer is definitely yes, if George Bush and Ehud Olmert have anything to say about it. We can only hope for chesed from above, delaying those difficult days and crashing the plans of these foolish people about their heads.

While they were divvying the Holy City, Jewish blood was dripping in Ashkelon as innocent civilians were being missiled to death in a shopping mall by the Palestinian Peace Partner.

Photo 1 - Jaffa gate to the Old City - Jerusalem this afternoon. The blocked off streets had just been opened, this very busy road is still mostly empty. Photo 2 - Archeology Park with Xian event, continued for 3 hours into the night. Photo 3 - The Kotel with fireworks from the Archeology Park going off behind it during Jewish Ma'ariv services.

RIBONO SHEL OLAM, AD MOSAI!!! Will You hear our cry? Will You remember?

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