Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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Argument with The Arab - Part 4

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

The end of the "dialog" from a Muslim commentor at YouTube...

Muslim: It is the bost basic of human rights to defend your land from theft from freaks who think it should be theirs because some caveman lived there 2000 years ago. With that logic the (f-word) vikings can ethically re invade the uk and the uk can retake usa since the blood is still in the population in both cases. You are wrong simply because the foundation of your argument is based and built on (b-word) and as we know when you build a house on (b-word) it will eventually fall down as israel will.

Akiva: Ahh, we come to the end of your argument. First you come to argue by my religion, then figure out you have no clue what you're talking about. I counter even with arguments from your religion and nations which practice it, which you also seem to have no clue about.

Then you argue from modern politically correct standards. Yet, even that doesn't hold water as if Israel responded in kind, the bloodshed would actually be much higher.

Now you argue the Jews have no right to the Land of Israel. G-d says otherwise. The Torah says otherwise. The Christian bible says otherwise. EVEN the Koran says otherwise. But lets not stand on religion and the words of G-d, lets talk modern history and modern LAW...

Before the Jews starting returning to Israel, there was almost NO local population. The total population of Israel was estimated at 30,000, 10,000 of which were Jews, before the modern return. That's it, 30,000. The Jews came, they BUILT, they INVESTED, they were willing to HIRE local labor to help them. The migrational workers of the Arab world came for jobs. Lets not quote a UN source or a historical source, lets quote a PALESTINIAN source...

"In the beginning, in 1948, we were 150,000 Palestinians; and today, we are 1,300,000 thorns in their sides and rocks on their chests."

-- Sheikh Kamal Khatib, Israeli Islamic Movement, Northern Branch, Deputy Head, Naqba rally, Kafr Kana, Israel, Friday, May 9, 2008

When the State of Israel declared independence, there were 600,000 Jewish residents. They didn't "steal" land, most of the time they came to land BOUGHT by the Jewish National Fund from the OTTOMAN owners! (Which, by the way, includes significant land on the other side of the Golan Heights IN MODERN SYRIA.) In places like Jerusalem and Hebron, they bought property. Not 2,000 years ago, 100 years ago.

As you see from the above, the Palestinians themselves say there were only 150,000 at the founding of Israel. For the most part, they didn't own the land, not even the land where their villages sat. They were on rental properties from the Ottomans (migrant worker temporary housing).

Apparently, legally buying land is theft. NOT. Building on empty land is theft. NOT. And, to quote your words, defending yourself is not allowed. NOT.

You have no facts, no religious position, no legal position to back up your arguments. Only the feeling "Israel bad, Jews bad", because they refuse to roll over and die.

As you are empty of all but curses, our conversation is over. "Those that bless you will be blessed, and those that curse you will be cursed." - Torah, Parshas Lech L'cha, a blessing from G-d to Abraham and his children.

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