Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Arguing with The Arab - Part 3

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Yet more "dialog", or is that diatribe, from a Muslim commentor at YouTube...

Muslim: i have never claimed the arabs to not commit terrorist acts. all sides do. The sad fact is that you jews are just as bad as those you call terrorists since you also ignore the ethical limits of violence and clearly dont fear god enough to give a shit when you have ignored the option of taking the higher moral ground and only taking an eye for an eye.

Instead you openly dissobey your own religion by announcing you will kill 10 arabs for every israeli.(quoting your prime minister" . Assuming you have the right to kill those who attack you...what about the other 7 in the 8:1 ratio?. Does judaism prescribe the death penalty for vocal support of those who target buses???....

it is indeed a crime against god to support the targeting of anyone but the perpatrator of a crime. It may even be moraly wrong to voice support for a bus bomber but is this a death penalty in Judaism?. I think you know the answer but of course i can predictably know that you are not god fearing enough to abide by even your own gods rulings.

You will of course be forced to ignore all my home truths and change the subject with the usual zionist...."but they do such and such.....".....As a muslim i would happily support the israeli right to exist side by side if one day you zionists stop being such hypocrites and take the moral high ground and only react with measure.

Unfortunatly i can safely predict you will lower yourself to the same level as those who target buses. In fact you might say even lower since you kill far more civilians. Oh and before you say its because you have a better army, you should remember that being better defended and more powerfull gives you LESS excuses for mass slaughter not more excuse.

PS. And also before you say you dont target civilians please dont expect people to believe that for every 1 kill. 7 "accidents" happen (every incident).....sound to you like you are only targeting those responsible?......or sound to you like you have no shame or limits in even respecting your own religion?.

Zionists....You are reaping what you sow, and deep down your conscience knows i speak the truth and thats what irritates you the most.

Akiva: I'm not a zionist, but that's besides the point. You would try to present claims in name of my religion, but would turn around and deny the basic statements of my religion regarding the Land of Israel.

In Muslim lands, you require those who live there to live by your standards, but would deny me the same right in my land.

If they refuse to live by the basic society standards of my religion, we are commanded to drive them out. Attempting to murder us certainly fits that. If they come to border towns just to take straw, we are commanded to drive them away.

Those who support, when a whole society structure exists that supports and creates and recommends murder, the whole must be destroyed. "Those who would be kind to the cruel will eventually be cruel to the kind."

You demand that I shoot with a Godly level of precision, and say I am not meeting my religious and moral standard when I don't sit back and bleed because I can't shoot that well.

Truthfully, YOU ARE RIGHT. The Israeli secular government IS NOT meeting the religious demands of Judaism, Torah, and God. If it were, they would LEVEL Gaza and drive the residents out.

Only those who are willing to live quietly, morally, and peacefully would be permitted to stay in the Land of Israel. And the Arabs of Gaza, as a complete society, have clearly VOTED to do otherwise.

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  1. As i suspected...your only hope of addressing the unarguable points i make is to completely ignore them every time and change the subject to other issues which are completely unrelated (your silence speaks volumes). To address your points however, we both know that in both Islam & JUDAISM "non believers" have a different status and rights, so who are you to point the finger?. would you like me to quote your own religion to point this out?. I wont bother since we both know you are permitted to lie for the greater cause to avoid the truth of someones argument (even when that means denying your own religios teachings, as most jews will happily do in front of their god).

    PS. Defending your land from invasion is a basic human right given by god. killing others for defending their land which you intend to seeze is not.

    PS. "It is always the oppressor who will dictate the terms of peace" Nelson Mandella 1998...aka your attitude: "when they stop resisting the theft of their land and obey us jews we will stop killing them".

  2. Quote: "You would try to present claims in name of my religion, but would turn around and deny the basic statements of my religion regarding the Land of Israel."

    ...If your interpretation of your religion is that you have a right to live in Israel because your ancesstors lived there 2000 years ago then i appose the stupidity of that ethical logic. That would give the british the right to invade the USA and the vikings to re invade England since the blood is still in the population in both cases. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH IRATIONAL STUPIDITY! THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE IN A CONSTANT STATE OF WAR WITH THOSE ETHICS!. Try a moderate translation of your "homeland" text by neturi karta if you dare. PS. You probably wont bother since you cant tell the difference between your false god of jewish nationalism offered by your govt and true zionism/judaism which opposes a jewish state and emphasises the jews obligation to set the example and appose all false nationalism ideologies.


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