Monday, May 12, 2008

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Arguing with The Arab - Part 2

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Continued "dialog" with a Muslim about my YouTube vidoes...

Muslim: Does your religion teach you that you should turn a blind eye to the limits of ethical violence and the use of minimum force to restrain and preserve/respect life?. I guess not since you are not god fearing enough to take a look at your own crimes or even feel guilty about crossing the bounderies even your own god sets you.

enough said.

Akiva: Ethical violence, as THEY _specifically_ target women and children??? (And then hide among theirs?)

In the West Bank (south of Jerusalem), there is a large Arab town, and across the valley there is a large Jewish town (Beitar Illit).

Number of attacks from large Arab town: 0
Number of Arab deaths from Israel in large Arab town: 0

Number of stores in large Arab town with Jewish clientèle doing a good business, supporting the local Arab town economy: about 35

Number of workers from large Arab town that work in Jewish town: about 300

BTW, the highest life expectancy in the Arab world, among all Arab nations, is in... the West Bank (UN statistics).

There is nothing unethical about defending yourself, and the more barbaric the attacks are, the more strong the defense must be.

WHY are they firing rockets into a Jewish civilian center? What's the point?

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