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Under Attack - Awesome Material in Progress

Please help the poor of Israel this Passover. Kimcha d'Pischa is everyone's responsibility. See our videos and donate on our sidebar (over there --> ), or click here. Time's running out, we begin our distributions SUNDAY, and you have to get your donations in by Wednesday morning for us to get them out in time to help.

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Dear Friends:

We have had the incredible merit to be able to accumulate some awesome material from multiple tzaddikim to share with you. Yet, as these opportunities arose to gather and share kedushah, so has the opposition...

One of those involved had his completely refurbished car break down on his way back home after working on this, literally being stuck on the side of the road all night (the next day was naturally lost). One, who works on projects for multiple organizations, was called up and threatened with loss of his parnossa (they even yelled at his wife!) One, out of the blue his wife threatened to leave him, and his son was thrown out of yeshiva. One had the police come by his house and "search and investigate", at 3:00 AM. One, multiple children started vomiting spontaneously. In all cases, the ability to get the material out has been delayed, stopped, or is continuing literally with fear.

When we took the video of the tzadik, HaRav Shalom Arush, shlita, he told us "get this video up NOW, I'm staying here and davening UNTIL IT'S UP. Don't get side tracked, don't let anything interfere. RUN!" We ran, literally. We didn't understand the intense urgency. Yet now, as that first video and audio was only the beginning of what we have to share, we do.

G-d willing, and only with serious help from Heaven, we will be posting the following over the next few days, b'chasdei Hashem:

A special video message from a tzadik on how YOU can help bring the Geulah, as well as a REQUEST from the tzadik for you on how you can help him! A special audio 3-part lesson from a master rav on the halachos of Passover that comes after Shabbos. An audio of a special evaluation of the current spiritual situation and battle. An incredible video demonstration of a special mitzvah for chodesh Nissan. A video of a personal meeting with a chassidic rebbe.

We're working late and dealing with a host of problems to get this all up for you, as well as to begin distributing from the generious donations we've received for the Kimcha d'Pischa Help-The-Needy-For-Passover campaign. (We've received donations from Norway to England to Australia, from the US to Germany to France, and many places in between, thank you!!!)

Please be sure to stop back for these awesome posts this week (G-d willing), and, frankly, daven for us.

--Reb Akiva and Rabbi Nati

Posted at Mystical Paths,


nava said...

HaShem is your partner, b'h.
If you need help in translating (although I am far from being a professional), please don't hesitate to tell me and any other help you might need.

Devash said...

I will certainly daven for you all. Be strengthened in your holy work. Many thanks to you for bringing this to Am Yisrael at such great personal sacrifice. In the merit of your mesirut nefesh may we all see the redemption NOW!!

AJ-X-Eli said...

The association of bnei Rabbi Nahman and bnei haRabbi milubavitsh cant be but successful !!! KEEP HOPE ALIVE and keep giving us hope !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your work!It is such an inspiration!
May all your obstacles vanish instantly!
Have a chag kosher v'sameach!

Devash said...

When do you think we will get to see this? How is it going?

Akiva said...

Fighting our way through. Daven for HaRav Nataniel Levi ben Chana Sarah!

In addition, we're distributing the Kimcha d'Pischa (very time consuming) and trying to make our own Pesach purchases and cleaning.

Working on it, short on sleep. B'ezrat Hashem, as fast as I can.

Devash said...

Hashem give you health and strength and stretch your minutes to allow for everything to get done.

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