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The Tzadik in the Field: Only Emunah!

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* Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

We were zoche, we had the incredible merit, to be with the Holy Tzadik HaRav Shalom Arush, shlita, in the field near the kever (holy resting place) of Dan ben Yaakov (Dan the son of the biblical patriarch Jacob) in the hills near Beit Shemesh.

For the first time ever we filmed a tzadik in hisbodedut (unstructured personal prayer to Hashem). He graciously permitted this specifically to share with all of us an example of how we should express our emunah (faith) in the Creator of the world. We were humbled to witness his power of prayer.

We have been blessed to be able to share this with you. Here is the Rav with personal example of yesh ma lasot, there is something to do to! (As opposed to all those who sit an moan, ein ma lasot, the situation is hopeless. There is always hope, as we see...)

* 7 Minutes - Hebrew w/English Introduction - Subtitles, soon to be added (summary in English below...)

Here is an authorized translation/synopsis:

1. Hashem, have pity on Your children, that each one should have complete emuna, asking You for advice and help from the first thing in the morning. “Hashem, help me to do your will,” and to appeal to Hashem for His help during every single situation of the day.

2. When a person encounters difficulties in life, he should realize that those difficulties are from Hashem. Once he learns that, despite the difficulties, life becomes pleasurable.

3. Hashem, do us loving kindness so that we all should believe in you, for emuna is the foundation of everything good in the world.

4. Hashem wants us to live with each other in love and peace, with harmony and connection, that each person helps his fellow. Hashem, make such a world.

5. Everyone should join in hafatza (Akiva adds - hafatza = spreading Torah and emunah among the Jewish people and faith in Hashem among the world), to distribute emuna like a fire in a field of thorns.

6. Hashem, please take pity on this world, that nothing is worth anything without emuna, that You are the King, and that everyone crowns You as King.

7. With everyone joining in hafatza, we’ll see the light in this world, and the full redemption of our people, amen and amen.

HaRav Shalom Arush, shlita's Torah is regularly published at:

BreslovWorld and LazerBeams. Thank G-d, we occasionally merit to publish some here.

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  1. akivah, thank you!!! please keep posting messages, and info on rav arush, i am a baaltshuvah living in New york and have been highly influenced by rav arush, but have nowhere to find updates on him and his teaching in an update manner like on the site. thank you. please ask rav arush if he will be coming to the states soon.

    thank you, please let him know his teaching are saving lives in the diaspora.

    may hashem bless you

  2. Shalom.

    ***off topic**

    (1) Is there a way to email you, if we have questions that are not on topic of the post?

    (2) The question I have is: Somebody can be fueled to action out of love for something good. Someone else can be fueled to action out of hatred for something bad.

    Are both of those situations good?

    Thank you.

  3. Contact information is down a bit on the sidebar. Here it is:

    Akiva or Nati -a-t- mpaths _dot_ com

  4. Thank You so much for posting this video. It is beautiful. I always wanted to see the tzaddikim in hisbodedut- i never thought i would ever get this close. Beautiful.
    thank YOu and shabbat shalom.

  5. Shavua Tov
    chag kasher v'sameach

  6. why does rav arush only move his left hand in the video, was his right hand injured a few weeks ago when he was attacked?

    perhaps either way its none of my business, it was a curiosity that arose from watching the video..


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