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Tzaddikim Preparing?

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Dreaming of Moshiach has an incredible post, a translation from an article in Maayanei HaYeshua. It seems a number of tzaddikim have "run off to Tiberious to prepare".

Read it.


  1. How do we get ready?

    Chag kasher v'sameach!

  2. Moshiach is in 770 !!! theres a big fight with armilius who is someone i cant disclose ! the fight is similar to joshus fight with amalak when Moshes hands were raised yisrael won and vice versa . so moshes hands won the war no it was an extension of the jews prayer , in our case an extension of fighting to keep our land . Armilius / wants to give away our land and convert the jews to chritianity Moshiach is in 770 fighting him !

  3. While there are definately spiritual aspects to the battle between the gabbaim and Agach for the control of 770, it would be significantly egocentric to believe that the whole world was wrapped around that battle.

    Rather, that battle is yet another reflection of the bigger one.

  4. Im not kidding i dont possess ruach hakodesh in a refined way like some great tzaddikim, but God has appeared to me in dreams in form like the prophets and several times in voice ,,,,, the basic message is the warwith amalak ! any step towards breaking rice , olmert , livni , barak , cnn , carter , clinton from taking our land brings mashiach in a good way . If they were to take our land because of there grose moral iniquities theyve brought many jews to in the lands of diaspora they would be destroyed by the finger of God . Bait yaakov aish ubait yosef lahava ubait esau lekaash . This is the reason the tzaddik moshiach ben dovid the lubavitcher rebbe was so adament in his lifetime on the keeping and shleimut of the whole land , as was the prophet rabbi meir kahane and his son benyamin of blessed memory . For in this generation the generation of redemption the final fights with amalak and the sitra achra hinges on this the shleimut of aretz against the destroyers / amalak !

  5. anonymous: take your moshiachist confusion elsewhere, preferably deep inside the klipot cuz that's where it belongs!

    When a big chunk of lubavitchers don't want to accept and believe that the Lubavitch Rebbe, zs'kl physically passed away, you think we are going to believe lubavitchers claiming that Moshiach is in 770?

    Moshiachistim threatened Rabbi Groner Shlita's life with their warped theory. Rav Bistritsky, zs'l, was killed because he said that the Rebbe of Lubavitch passed away.

    When HaShem's chosen Moshiach comes, the big chunk of moshiachistim are going to be yelling 'noooooooo' for different reasons....

  6. Reb Akiva, I noticed that your latest entry on your new mini-blog is about the Yetzer Hara always coming after us Erev Shabbat.

    We are now nearing the erev Shabbat of the year 6,000. And the moshiachistim are trying to come after us...
    Oy va voy lanu...

  7. wow ! the arragonce to talk against the moshe rabbeinu the neshama klali the mashiach ben david of this dor . i know for sure the rebbe is mashiach ive had over 40 dreams with him . its you my friend who will weep and say you were wrong . As for the klipot there is nothing halachily against believing in a mashiach who has passed from this world . Ill tell you the truth i have not had a dream with the rebbe i remember since july. as for the klipot pick on olmert , livni , barak , bush , and rice who want to take our land and our Torah dont fight with me on the moshiachs identity !

  8. listen you fool --- HaShem chooses the Moshiach!!!!! ONLY HaShem has the key to the redemption!!!!!

    Not you or a million moshiachistim fools like you will ever ever change it, b'h.

    HaShem chooses the Moshiach!!!

  9. thats really fine you are apsalutely right but where do you get off with the put downs ---fool etc . I believe the rebbe is mashiach because im not a fool because i believe at the end of his life He accepted it upon himself , and that his whole life he was preparing to be the redeemer . im not a fool i believe this because that is how the rebbe spoke of himself at the end of his life . period ! fact ! Do you think mashiach is a no one someone no one oviousely knows . Know one else has publicly accepted malchut as the rebbe did . if you want to believe in a tzaddik nistir somewhere thats fine . But notice my language middot proceeded the torah , i dont call you a fool for believing this !!!!

  10. You are a fool and I'll explain. Moshiachistim force it down our throat that Moshiach is the Lubavitch Rebbe, zs'kl, but don't give any acknowledgement to the greatest Tzaddikim since the creation of the world. I mean, what about the previous 6 Lubavitch Rebbes, why are they not worthy to be the Moshiach? And the AriZal, and Rashbi, zs'l, and Baal Shem Tov, zs'l, and Jonah the Prophet, zs'l, and the list continues.

    The meshichstim decided that only the Rebbe is HaShem's chosen Moshiach but that's wrong thinking. Anyone can be the Moshiach, including you!!!!!!

    We are not even allowed to guess who Moshiach is but Moshiachistim have no problem with this Halacha.

    Rabbi Akiva, zs'l, also erred when he thought that Bar Kochva was the Moshiach. The Gaon Chaim HaLevy of Brisk said, "The mistake of Rabbi Akiva was thinking that Bar Kochva is the Moshiach."

  11. Excellent post anonymous and because its so fool of daat torah im willing to be called by you a fool. I agree that just venerating the lubavitcher rebbe is a mistake , there are many great tzaddikim in our generation , too many too list ! Akiva did err with bar kochba . as for the previous rebbes being mashiach the time wasnt full =right . the rebbe really screamed that now is the time . If someone else is the mashiach and elijah the prophet walks with him even You , ill accept him . Because of my beliefe wheather true or false i dont wish to cause discord amongst brothers in israel .

  12. As long as you are not fixed on the Lubavitch Rebbe, zs'kl, being the Moshiach, you mind is healthy.

    Many Jews are begging for Moshiach; the Baba Sali, zs'kl, also constantly helped Am Israel and would announce that he could hear the bells of moshiach coming closer.

    Rav Mordechai Eliyahu Shlita constantly speaks about Moshiach and also received watches from the Baba Sali's son and was told that when the clock strikes 12:00, he said Moshiach will arrive.

    Rav Kaduri, zs'l, also constantly spoke about Moshiach...

    Reb Saba Aryeh Leib of Shpola, a'h, asked Moshiach "Why are you not arriving? What is taking you so long?".

    Grand Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Zidichov, a'h, on his death bed wondered why absolute Tzaddikim that passed on to Gan Eden are not shaking Upper Worlds to send Moshiach. He arrived to the conclusion that they must be sitting by the Divine Light, busy learning Torah and assuming that Moshiach has already arrived. An hour later he said that when he will pass on, he'll not enter Gan Eden into the Divine Light until Moshiach arrives. He will not allow Am Israel to suffer any longer.

    The Yehudi HaKadosh, (Reb Yaakov Yitzhak Rabinowitz, a'h, Founder of Pshischah Chassidism)and his student, the Lev Simcha, Reb Simcha Bunim Alter of Ger, a'h, were discussing how it'll be when Moshiach's arrival is announced. Reb Simcha Bonim said he'll sleep litte and have his Tfillin and and Talit under his head and when Moshiach's arrival will be announced, he will right away wake up. The Yehudi HaKadosh answered that "During the birthpangs of Moshiach, no one will be able to sleep".

    The Rambam, a'h, says: "You, my brothers, be strong and be courageous... Birthpangs of Moshiach is a trial and test of your Emunah and for the nations of the world to know HaShem's greatness."

    These are just some examples of true Tzaddikim that screamed that now is the time ...

    אני מאמין... אחכה לו בכל יום שיבוא

  13. if one but makes the effort to taste from the Rebbe's analysis and explanation of current events much light and clarity will come into this issue.
    The Rebbe explains in very detailed and nuanced fashion why this generation is the one of Geula and what exactly we need to do to hasten Moshiach's revelation (the Rebbbe explains why the straight path to Moshiach's revelation is learning the Torah about Geula and Moshiach, educating oneself on these topics).
    Even studying the transcript of the conversation between the Rebbe and Mordechai Eliyahu from 1992 will be illuminating.
    Moshiach and Geula are not Soundbytes, synopsis and or proclamations. Although the above 3 methods of communication certainly have a place, like in any enterprise it is the thorough , detailed process beneath that is the truth behind it.
    There is a thorough detailed process behind what what we are witnessing. The process to make this lowest world a dwelling place for Hashem and the Jewish people are the functionaries , the catalyst for this mission , in ways we dont even perceive yet.
    Through discovery of what the Geula means for the world in a basic tangible describable way one makes the Geula real to oneself. Through Discovery of what exactly Moshiach's role in this is one understands who and what Moshaich is.
    Certainly arguing with each other about these topics is not really productive. Learn as much about Geula and moshiach as you can from every Geula and moshiach sefer you can. In terms of the Rebbes works the sichas of 1991/1992 are and unebelievable source with footnotes that span the entire Torah universe.
    We are at the end of this bitter golus , lets get ready to see Moshiach. Ad Mosai??


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