Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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Stolen Content

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Mystical Paths co-blogger R. Nati made the front cover of the Yiddish magazine below, Tzeitshrift, with a picture of his taken in Uman last year. The only sharing of this photo was via a Mystical Paths post, and hosted at Flickr.

Content ownership in the digital age is a somewhat fuzzy area, hotlinking and embedding is not unusual and credit is not always given. However, specifically taking someone else's content for offline distribution and resale, and not even providing attribution (noting who, what, where) is theft. (Note, the terms of use or reuse for Mystical Paths content is spelled out clearly here and here.) You may hotlink to or even redistribute or embed Mystical Paths content with attribution and for non-commercial use only.

Tzeitshrift, as an apparent mainstream Jewish publication in Yiddish, representing a portion of the Torah world, should be ashamed of themselves for this genava. They did not attribute R. Nati or Mystical Paths. Further, they misrepresented R. Nati as part of a Breslev offshoot known as Na Nachers, which R. Nati is not a part of. Rather, he is a talmid of HaRav Shalom Arush, shlita, which is mainstream Breslev. (This is not a statement against or for the Na Nach shita, just notes that it's not R. Nati's derech.)

Tzeitshrift Cover

Everyone makes mistakes, and Tzeitshrift is welcome to contact us to discuss how to correct their error. We maintain our contact information on the sidebar to the right.

Update: Mystical Paths thanks Daily Yid - a yiddish news blog portal, for the link.

Update: The stolen photo above can be seen in this Emunah video created and posted by Rabbi Nati in December, 2006. The photo is from his Rosh Hashanah Uman trip of 2006.

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