Thursday, April 03, 2008

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Sitra Kedusha VS. Sitra Achra

3 came to HKB'H, each with a complaint; the prayer Alenu 'עלינו', Seuda Shlishit (3rd meal of Shabbat) and the Mamzer:

"Alenu" complained that he was placed at the end, and daveners are in a hurry to leave the Synagogue. Seuda Shlishit complained that the previous 2 Shabbat meals merit Kiddush, Chalot, and special food. By her, Kiddush is not said and the meal is minimal. The Mamzer complained why must he pay the price for his mother's mistakes and cannot enter into the congregation?.

HKB'H answer them "I'll fulfill your shortcomings. On Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, 'Alenu' will be said during Musaf and even the Aron HaKodesh will be open in his honor. In the honor of Seuda Shlishit, Jews will lengthen the meal and also say Dvar Torah.

...For the Mamzer... they will sit in the Knesset... and this fulfills the promise "The bastard will exist in us" - 'ממזר התקיים בנו

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