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Our Power: Prayer and Emunah!

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* by Akiva at Mystical Paths

We have an amazingly powerful post below. The Breslev Tzadik of Meah Shearim, HaRav HaChossid HaTzadik Rav Shalom Arush, shlita, personally handed us a shiur (a Torah lesson) on CD with specific instructions to publish this on the Internet immediately. Rav Arush, shlita is well known in Israel and the Jewish world for his books the Garden of Emunah, the Garden of Yearing, and the Garden of Peace, as well as having published over 100 special Torah lessons for life.

In this shiur, he discusses the urgent threat to Klal Yisroel, to all the Jewish people, as well as the personal attacks which he suffered in the past few weeks. This is a professional quality CD production. The Rav walked into the recording studio to make sure it was worth listening to, and could be heard.

Format: MP3, 1 hour, Hebrew (We have a synopsis/partial translation below, as well as download links.)

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This is a free translation in synopsis form from a quick listen of the shiur. We'll be adding to it as we can get through the whole thing.

Part 1

We are now in a situation where there is no way out. Now Hashem has put us in a wonderful situation, where we have no solution, no worldly path, no way except tefilah (prayer) and emunah (faith). And yet, the whole world is ignoring the situation.

It's time to wake up! No other power is going to help except tefilah (prayer) and emunah (faith). Our power is tefilah (prayer), it's the power of our father, of Avraham, of Yitzchok, of Yaakov.

Part 2

Lately many bad things have been happing to the Jewish people and I'm (personally) having much pain. What's going on with Bnei Yisroel (the Children of Israel)?

Last week I went with a group of talmidin (students) to the kever of a tzadik (the holy resting place of a righteous sage) and there was an Arab there. He mocked us, he caused us trouble and in the end he threw us out! Yesterday a talmid of mine was at the kever of a tzadik to pray and got beaten up by Arabs very badly. He was lucky to be able to get away! I was trying to figure out what is going here, two times bad things have happened.

Now let's look at Bnei Yisroel and their situation. Hashem took us, just a few shepherds, made us into a nation, and gave us Eretz Yisroel (the Land of Israel). Do you know what Eretz Yisroel used to be? All mud and swaps, it was a mess! And Hashem in His kindness made everything wonderful. Don't think for even one second that we just by chance got Eretz Yisroel. Hashem built Eretz Yisroel for a few people who just fought. Hashem did many miracles for us, so many and so big it's beyond our understanding.

Hashem has taken us from nothing and made us into something and the same for Eretz Yisroel. The miracles Hashem did for us and does for us are unbelievable! I myself was one of 3 soldiers who asked the general how can such great things be happening (in the Yom Kippur War). Arabs by the thousands are throwing their guns away and cowering from us! They had fear of what? Of death! They were so scared! The Lubavicher Rebbe said at the time of the Yom Kipper war, in the Sinai Hashem fought for us, all we did is go down the road of success! And the 6 Day War was just a complete miracle.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe had 100% complete Ruach HaKodesh (holy insight). He said about the Sinai, not to give it back, telling the government of the past not to do so.

Part 3

Any piece of Eretz Yisroel conquered is a miracle! You think you just received it, but Hashem made miracles beyond understanding. Could a person do such a thing (as we saw in battle?) Veterens from that war tell continuous stories of miracles. I myself jumped into a group of over 1,000 Egyptian soldiers. They dropped their guns and surrenederd on the spot! How many could I have possibly killed? I saw with my own eyes how Hashem fights for us.

When Hashem wanted, He fought for us. We do nothing, it's all Hashem. Now Hashem isn't fighting for us. What happened? The Lubavitcher Rebbe said the second you give a piece of land (of Eretz Yisroel) that blood was spilled on, everythign will change. People will fear the Arabs. AND, from then on everything HAS changed, people fear the Arabs! Hashem himself gave us the Sinai and Gush Katif!

Arabs blow up buses, shoot people, it's all bad. Soldiers and policemen tell me Arabs walk up to them and ask, "what can you do to me?" They fear the Arabs, they are very scared, freaked out! Real soldiers, police, Jews are scared to do anything, to move!

Hashem stopped everything to wake us up and let us know it's not us doing anything, it's all Him! There is so much bad in this world, we have to wake up, open our eyes! But...many don't want too. They are happy with their life. People forgot Hashem. We forgot Hashem! We got further way, we abused Him!

So what will be? Hashem get's angry, He hides His face from us. If you're going to manage without Me, please go do so. All they have is their desires, it's all they care about after they went after their eyes. And they upset Me and they angered Me, so now I will anger them with this prophecy coming true.

Track 4

Listen, this is clear prophecy. Not only did they go serve some idol or crazy avodah zarah (idol worship), not only did they find a god better than Hashem, they forgot Me and Made Me Hidden. They upset Me with all their garbage. I'll show them, I'll send a nation of No Name to wake them up. I'll upset them, I'll show them there is a Creator in the world...

(G-d willing, more to come.)

(Photos: HaRav Shalom Arush, shlita, preparing a wedding, photo by yeshiva photographer, and the road leading into Meah Shearim - Jerusalem today, with one of many heavy guard stations positioned all over roads within Jerusalem today! By Akiva)

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