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by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Matzav means situation, and it usually means "the Israeli or Jewish situation"...

Rice wins concessions from Israel

The agreement includes:

  • Removing 50 travel barriers in and around Jenin, Tulkarem, Qalqiliya and Ramallah.

  • Dismantling of one permanent roadblock.

  • Deploying 700 Jordanian-trained Palestinian police in Jenin and allowing them to take delivery of 50 Russian armored personnel carriers (war vehicles).

  • Raising the the number of Palestinian businessmen allowed into Israel to 1,500 from 1,000.

  • Increasing the number of work permits for Palestinian laborers by 5,000 from its current number of 18,500.

  • Building new housing for Palestinians in 25 villages.

  • Connecting Palestinian villages to the Israeli power grid.

  • Israeli support for large-scale economic development programs and encouragement of foreign investment.

Within 24 hours of this occurring, there was a terror attack (which we reported first hand here).

A friend sent me a note, stating...

In a bombshell revelation that could bring down the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, it was revealed last week that despite official denials, Israel is indeed engaged in negotiations with the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority to divide the Holy City. This has long been a key demand of the Palestinians, and the idea of dividing Israel's eternal capital has also been pushed by President Bush, the European Union and the United Nations.

This was my response:

I've been quite aware of Condi and George taking such steps.

I would note that such steps correspond to extensive writings of the biblical prophets. You're probably familiar with the one who comes to divide Jerusalem in the biblical prophecies, referred to as Gog of Magog.

Here's an interesting secret of the words in Hebrew that might make sense given what you just sent (this is a rather aggressive interpretation)...

In Hebrew, there is no letter or sound equivalent to the English J (or strong G), no "ja". However, modern Hebrew has had to accommodate European and English sounds (both for names of places and for modern words). The language scholars did this by taking certain Hebrew letters and adding an accent on them, so for example we write g' to represent a 'ja' sound (or rather, a hebrew gimmel with an accent mark).

Now, the Torah itself, as most biblical Hebrew, is written with no punctuation. No periods, quotes, vowels, etc. It has all these things, and the Torah and prophets actually also have musical notes (which match the pattern of punctuation). However, the text was taught with the music, which provided the punctuation. (The point being, it's wasn't written, it was orally transmitted.)

So, if we read the prophets, we read the name of the one who rebels against G-d and tries to bring the world under material control as Gog. And in Hebrew, this would be written Gimmel - Vav/Cholom - Gimmel.

Interestingly, if you write the name George in Hebrew, following the modern rule I wrote above, you'd write Gimmel/accent - Vav/Cholom - Gimmel/accent. But, as I noted, accent marks aren't written in the biblical text. Which means, George in biblical Hebrew would be written ... Gog.

Ma in Hebrew means "from". So, MaGog would mean from-Gog, or, given the interpretation above, from-George. Or, George from-George.

Now, that looks nice, but MaGog is generally understood to be a nation, not a family member. In that case, we would be writing George from the George-Nation. What nation is from-George? (Hint - look at a 1 dollar bill.)

All of this would just be silly word games, except what you just sent and Mr. George Bush's multiple recent statements that he personally intends to see to it that Israel is re-divided, and especially Jerusalem is re-divided, before his term ends. If I remember correctly, in a statement in the past 2 weeks he promised to return in May to attend the division ceremony.

You would think with his personal faith and that his secretary of state is the daughter of a minister, they would take biblical statements about Jerusalem becoming a cup-of-poison for the nations that would divide and spoil her seriously. Yet, they've clearly turned they're backs on anything they've learned or believe in favor of political stands and the almighty dollar. (Which suddenly isn't looking so mighty.)

The US has tremendous historical merits, it's generally a country of chesed (kindness) and the American people have been very good to the Jews. (And he who blesses you will be blessed.) But the shield of those merits is quickly being destroyed as the US State Department continually requires Jewish blood (as in this weeks demand for the removal of security checks in the Shomron/West Bank, which led in less than 24 hours to a terror attack _which my best friend's wife was involved in_) to appease their Arab oil (and now financial) partners.

The historical merits and the merits of the people will not continue to protect the US from the actions of their government. (And those who curse you will be cursed.)

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Anonymous said...

The last Pasukim of Sefer Daniel tell us 2 numbers.
1,290 and 1,335. Add them up and you get 2,625.
Assuming that Bush is in fact Gog...his 2,625th day
of his presidency was March 28th. On the very next day
Condi landed in Israel. Who really knows what she's making
Olmert do? Who really knows what theyve decided to
give away?

What we do know is..."Ashrei Hamichakeh..."


Liorah Lleucu said...

You forgot to count the "r"/reish. George isn't spelled like "gog" (gimel-vav-gimel). It could, however, be spelled gimel-alef-vav-reish-gimel, with "aur" in the middle, like the name actually sounds. So, the Bush-Gog gematria connection is invalid.

Anonymous said...

It is pronounced Gog (Joje) if you pronounce it with a southern accent. : )

גילוי said...

George Bush is not Gog, not in reality, nor phonetically.

If you would say that the first of the 2 gimels is a jimel, the name is akin to Jor, where the r is a French r, hardly a Texas accent.

At the end of the 1335, the happiness commences. This last week is not what malach in Daniel meant.

Anonymous said...

Happiness??? First of all, "Ashrei"
does not mean happy or lucky. It means straight, from the word "yashar" (see S.R.Hirsch & others)
Secondly, how do you know what the
pasuk means? I and others are merely
suggesting....but I guess you and
the GRA know for sure.

p.s. i could bring you 4 more
proofs that suggest that G Bush
is Gog. Im sure you could dispute
them...but please dont write that you know for sure what is and what isnt.

Anonymous said...

The VAV before Magog could be pronounced W...Gog W.
The MEM and GIMEL IS 43 In Gimatria,
Gog W. 43
MAGOG in Gematria is 52...50 states
plus Tuval & Meshch ( The islands
of Tuval are partly owned by the U.S.)

גילוי said...

Regardless of if you wish to argue if אשרי is from lashon of מאושר or יושר, we nonetheless find that neither has come to the earth because of the American Secretary of State's visit.

Furthermore you have not stated why ומעת הוסר התמיד or לתת שקץ שומם have been fulfilled by any of this. What happened August 1st 2004 that is of biblical significance?

Magog in Gematria is not 43... that would only be the Mem and the Gimel, not the rest of the word.

Anonymous said...

...and, as we say in davening every day, Hashem will forgive the nationa every sin, but one he will NOT forgive, the blood of the Jews.

As much blood as America and the World is forcing Israel to shed (and that includes loss of livelyhood, as in the eviction of 8,000 from Gaza) don't need to be a genius to "do the math."

Anonymous said...

There is a way to simplify (and IMO solidify) the Gog/Bush/America theory, by taking the ideas you have already presented just a little further.

1. Gog as leader of the world's lone superpower (Gog the American president)

America became the world's lone superpower after the Cold War. That means the three presidents who head(ed) the lone superpower are:

George Herbert Walker Bush
William Jefferson Clinton
George Walker Bush

The invasion of Iraq (and eventual control of Babylon) began with GHWB's Gulf War I.

2. Gog as divider of Israel (Gog as head champion of "land for peace")

"Land for peace" manifested with GHWB 41 in Madrid. At the same time the "Perfect Storm" (coined from this very event) lashed the Bush home in Kennebunkport, ME. 41, then 42, and now 43 have tried to create "peace" in the Middle East by forcing Israel to sacrifice land. GWB has declared himself the first US president to openly call for the creation of a Palestinian state. Even the numbers 41, 42, 43 come "out of" 40 (mem).

3. "Gog" spells the name of the American president (even though George is spelled with a resh)

If the desire to divide/destroy the Land of Israel and Jerusalem defines Gog's character, then note that the first initials of presidents 41, 42, and 43, spell "Gog". G-O-G = George William George. Besides, it makes sense that George would need to lose his mind - that is, his head, the resh - to behave as Gog. Thus G-O-R-G, minus the resh is a "Gog", and is also a subset of the unholy triune G-O-G.

4. Magog is a land "from Gog"

That is exactly what the dividing of the land is all about, a "gift" imposed from Gog - a Palestinian State *created* in the heart of Israel. June 24, 2002 is a date oft repeated, the date of the "vision". Vision? More like a veil of darkness. 1290 days later, Ariel Sharon fell into a coma. Maybe it's a coincidence, but that event marked the takeover of PM Olmert, followed soon thereafter by his admission of his intent to divide Jerusalem.

Additionally, if the tamid is simply the thing that always is, the something that exists in perpetuity, what if it represents the eternal, undivided capital of Israel? Or the Land of Israel itself? Or both. The "vision" of June 24, 2002 is thus a statement by Gog that the covenant land is non-existent... it is merely a land subject to his own powers of (re)creation. Gog is saying that he is the creator of the land, as if he spoke his land(s) into existence in the beginning, with his "vision of two states..."

2300 evenings and mornings after the vision speech is 11 Tishri 5769. As per the calendar of the gentiles, the 10th day of the 10th month.

FWIW. Shalom.

גילוי said...

Halevai that all we had to worry about was ole GW. Alas there will be another after him.

The Tamid is a multi-faceted concept, and you have correctly named one of them. Something that exists in perpetuity. Jewish sovereignty here is recently renewed.

The 2300 is almost certainly years, not days. I think the Ibn Ezra is the only one in a Mikraot Gedolot that says otherwise. It is the number of years from Hakamat Bayit Sheini to Hakamat Medinat Yisrael. 3408 - 5708

Chodesh Tov

Anonymous said...


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