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Lost,Threatened, Hidden

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

The leaders have lost their way. It is not a question of turning left or right, for one offers immediate disaster while the other simply slows the disaster down a bit.

Is it secular or religious? Shas leaders go to chain, but school funding is up. Rabbis blindly "support the government of Israel". Those who speak out are pushed out of organizations, cut off from access, persona non grata (in this world at least).

Those who actually start to make a difference are threatened. The status quo doesn't want change. Or rather, doesn't want the possibility of change it doesn't control.

The tzaddikim are SCREAMING, but their voices are being muffled, their message is not getting out.

World chaos is building, like watching the clouds of a thunderstorm build or watching a hurricane move on track to hit the shore. But did you hear what Britney Spears was wearing today??? Or what Obama's pastor said? Or what happened to Cristian on Dancing with the Stars??? Oh my.

In the past, one could not find the truth, information was unknowable. Today, it's readily available. Ah, but it's successfully buried in such piles of fecal matter that it's almost impossible to NOTICE it. And that is a successful defense against readily accessible truth.

There are individuals who are aware that something extraordinary is occurring, but who are so busy with other matters, or so coarsened, that not only do they not know the meaning of the exceptional events, but they do not even know how to ask about them. They are unaware that these events are connected with the forthcoming Geulah (redemption), Torah and mitzvot... They must be told about Moshiach's coming, and G-d's promise in the Torah and Prophets that He will redeem us...

Others...explain world events in their usual heretical fashion, for they deny chevlei Moshiach (the birth pangs of Moshiach) as well as Moshiach's coming. THey do not desire redemption and question Torah and mitzvos... Not only do they deny the validity of Torah and mitzvos, they cannot stand the fact that other Jews study and observe.

An evil person is to be reminded that at the time of the Exodus from Egypt there were also those who denied the redemption, even after G-d had show explicit miracles(!)... G-d is again giving those who deny the coming Redemption an opportunity to repent.
- The 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe, Sefer Hama'amarim Yiddish #24

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  1. Of course there are events taking place. Birth pangs, sure. Redemption, G-d willing. Mitzvot outside of the "written Torah", irrelevant (mostly). Tanach, completely validated. So, as we wait, we have to eat, live and be kind to one another to the best of our ability. Hang on for the ride.

  2. Shiloh, are you saying the Oral Torah is irrelevant, chas v shalom!?!

  3. If I tell you to do jumping jacks, and proclaim you are doing the will of haShem is insane, right? It's therefore no difference then adding "mitzvot" to the Torah. Neither the Sadducees nor Esccenes had nor knew of an Oral Torah. Do some research, open your eyes, as just because something is followed, does not mean it's true. Look at xtianity for example. The have some small truth and twist, add to it etc. We probably both would agree it's a lie. Now, can there be wisdom in the Talmud, of course, it's simply NOT the Torah. The spoken of Oral Torah is what we would call the 5 books of Moshe. The Ten sayings are the written Torah from Sinai. People are so afraid of opening up history, seeing if something is true. Maybe we are in such a bind because of it, think about it. It will be corrected from within, hopefully soon enough. If not, stay in prison, it's your choice. Whats wrong with using your real name, are you fake as the "oral Torah" you proclaim to be genuine?

  4. Shiloh, my fellow you put a mezuzah up, put on tefillin, or only eat kosher meat? If you do then you agree to the validity of the Oral Torah. The Torah doesn't say how the tefillin should look or what besides the one verse of Shema to put in them. It says "bind them as a sign upon your arm & tefillin between your eyes". Bind the words on my Put them between our eyes? How? How does G-d expect us to know what that means unless he explained it somewhere & to someone for all generations to know? Nor do the 5 books of Moshe explicitly say what "write them on your doorposts & upon your gates" means (which is the source for the mezuzah). Write what? How on the door? Gee G-d, this stuff sure seems cryptic. G-d also says, "And you shall I have commanded you"...Where in the 5 books did he tell us how it was to be done?? The answer to these is NOWHERE in the 5 books. It's in the Oral Torah. Without it, all the cryptic commands & directives of the Torah would be left up to everybody to guess what they mean for themselves (which is how we got all of these new religions now a days). Why would G-d give a Torah for the purpose of giving man instruction, but write it in a way that left everyone baffled as to what He really means when he says this or that? That would defeat the purpose of a Torah that is supposed to give us understanding, not make us more confused beings on earth. The answer is...He wouldn't & He didn't do such a thing. He communicated to Moshe the Oral law which we still possess today. Otherwise, we could tell G-d in every generation. "Hey G-d, since they lost the law, we had no way to know how to follow you for hundreds of years...we all just interpreted your words for ourselves." G-d is not a man...he would not allow a situation where we could make excuses like that in every generation. Additionally, when you write directions for someone for a task you want them to complete, & you write it on paper, you can't just assume they will understand what you wrote & follow them perfectly! They need a way to make sure they understand the details of your directions properly...right? You're not gonna say, "I'll just write down some more instructions to make it clear". No, you will call them or they will call you & have an ORAL conversation so they can understand what your written words really mean, without anymore confusion on your writing. Makes sense right? It's the same with G-d & His Torah. We needed the explanations. I think it would be good for you to read the Baal Haturim on Chumash & see through gematria, letters, posukim, etc. how the renderings of the Oral Law are embedded in the 5 books of Torah. The Sages from Moshe all the way to today's poskim are the vehicles to extract what's already there. The Torah says don't sway to the left or right of what the judges say & follow the judges that will be in each of our times. Remember, G-d ordered that judges who would create fences for the Torah be appointed. G-d said "safeguard my decrees". Thats what a fence is. When you build a fence around your house, did oyu actually add anything to the house itself?? No. You are building around it to protect from outside influence. Therefore there is no problem of adding & subtracting to Torah. Only if you wanted to add a fifth corner of tzitzis, or a fifth parsha to the tefillin, or a new testament G-d Forbid! Thats what adding & subtracting is. No malice intended friend. It's a struggle many Jews have dealt with. If you look deeper, you will see how imperative the Oral Torah is & has been to our survival.

  5. Dear reuvenezraf, my fellow Jew...I ask you to seriously reconsider what you have written. In your writings (of obvious conviction and zeal)you have overlooked an important consideration

    Moshe himself told us that the Torah was close in our mouth and not too difficult to do. G-D wanted (and wants!) the nations to turn toward HaTorah. Are you saying that Moshe was in error? You wrote "...cryptic commands and directives." Look at Nitsavim as well...Devarim 29...the hidden things are for G-D, and it is for us to do the works of Torah.

    Compare d'orotaim and d'rabbanim...which takes precedence,bevaqasha? You know the answer: Torah is the sole measuring line. When is "fence" synonymous with "bayel tosif?" I'll tell you: when the mitzvah is not commanded by El-him Chayyim.

    Ushmartem et chukkotai ve'et mishpatai asher ya aseh otam ha'adam vachai bahem: ani Y-WH. Parshat Acharei Mot, self-explanatory.

    Shiloh, your assertions are correct. Verify everything:this is commanded of us by G-D, to verify, to check, to prove. Those in truth need neither fear nor obfuscate it. Of Klal Yisrael, each individual is responsible to find what is Torah, and what are merely "commandments of men learned by rote" (Yeshayahu 29.13)

    In such regard, I'll bet HaNavi was not worried about kitniyot for Hag HaMatzot, ken?
    Layla tov to all.

  6. Thanks Anonymous, I catch all sorts of hell from the community. Standing for Torah is not a popular thing now adays. All the best and Shabbat Shalom.

  7. I'm not trying to give you hell Shiloh, G-d forbid, & your community should show Ahavas Yisroel for their fellow, regardless of your differences. Firstly, a verse says,"Because Abraham obeyed Me, and he kept My Decrees, My Commandments, My Regulations, and My Torahs (Gen. 26:5-6). Torahs? Torasai? Why the need for a plural word in the Hebrew? He already said he kept all the decrees, etc...why use a plural & not just say Torah? It means the Written & Oral Law, thats why. One of the many simple examples of the complete necessity that is the Oral Law. Anonymous, when it says, "The Torah is close in our mouth & in our hearts to do it" this does not mean that each Jew already knows on his own volition exactly what every verse in Torah means & how to carry it out properly. If that was true, why do we have so many different levels of observance with so many questioning what verses really mean? Why go to Yeshiva? Why have teachers or study at all?? Ask the gentleman who run this site that you obviously read & appreciate if the knowledge they present on this site would be available if not for the Oral Tradition. I already made these points & you totally ignored all the examples I gave in the previous post. You addressed none of them. That particular verse means that every Jew has it within him to fight the yetzer hara, timtum halev, etc. that tells a person "Who am I to do mitzvot" or "My personal struggle is too hard to serve G-d". Thats why it says "to do it" not to pick what you think it means & do it. It definitely doesn't mean that every Jew intrinsically knows how posukim are to be understood without our G-d given Sages (although we did learn it from a malach in the womb, yet we forget it when we're born). When you pick up a book in Chinese, do you look at the characters and say,"Hey I know what all these's obvious, look at the figures!" I'm sure you don't. The same with G-d's Torah. When I said cryptic, I didn't mean it wasn't understandable, it means that many verses don't mean what the simple reading might lead you to think. Like eye for eye, etc...once again I refer you to Baal Haturim who shows this with the letters themselves & many other commentators. But since you've got it all figured out on your own, you might disregard that idea. Also, we know that a person's eye was never gouged out by kosher judges because he gouged someone elses. We don't hear of such a thing, even since the times of Moshe, except maybe with those who didn't except the Oral Torah & sat in the dark on Shabbat, & we see those groups have mostly dwindled (Saducees, Kerites, Kuthites, etc.) It is not incumbent on every Jew to decipher what the posukim mean for themselves. That is dangerous..thats why Hashem gave us Sages & jugdes...IN THE TORAH, as I quoted in my previous post. If your way was the right way, we would have 14 million jews doing something different & claiming "Well...that's what the Torah means in my opinion". What about what G-d originally intended!!? How do you know that your practice is correct & what I do is wrong if its left to each individual? Neither one of us could ever be wrong! The only thing left to each individual to do is what the Torah says, learn it & observe it according to the commandments "that Moshe wrote AND SPOKE (Oral Law)",according to the tradition & methods of extrapolating the meanings of Torah that were passed down from him, to Yehoshua, to the Elders, Prophets, etc. until now. I bid you both well because you won't agree & its pointless to keep arguing for a week, lol. Once again, no malice, just sharing what I think is misunderstood on your part. You have the right to think the same of me. G-d bless us all that he should show us the proper way to serve Him. Peace to you.


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