Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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Kosher for Erev Pesach?

A public service announcement from Mystical Paths...

There's been a very weird kosher for Passover designation found on items in Israel...it reads:

Kosher for Passover and Erev (right before) Passover

While I've just been scratching my head over this one, Mr. Shaul B. of Beit Shemesh, Israel researched this odd designation and has this to report:

The answers I received (as to what this means) were split as follows:

1. It means that the product was manufactured before Pesach, so any chometz can be batul b'shishim [nullified by 60] (IOW the designation "Erev Pesach" is lav davka; it just means "made before Pesach"); or

2. It means that the product contains no matza, so it may be eaten on Erev Pesach (IOW "Erev Pesach" is davka, and it's specifically to put your mind at rest lest there should be crumbs of matza in your yogurt).

Thanks to Phil R. who provided the email address of Rav Vaitman at Tnuva, we now have a definitive answer:

Answer number 1: The product was made before Pesach, so you can rely on bitul for any chometz that may have gotten mixed up in the product.


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