Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Jerusalem Alert

The following was just forwarded to me. I can't speak for the veracity, but it makes sense in the context of previous pronouncements...

I am writing you from Israel after having an emergency meeting with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom I have known since he was 26 years old. I was horrified to learn that when President Bush comes to Israel for its 60th Anniversary in May, he has made the decision to mobilize Arab nations to come for a summit on the 17th & 18th of May.

The purpose of this summit is to move forward with the Annapolis Road Map, the plan that will force Israel to give up a large percentage of Judea and Samaria, which they call occupied territories, and divide the Holy City of Jerusalem.

It is extremely humiliating to think this would be America’s way of honoring Israel’s 60th year of prophetic rebirth. Even more outrageous, I saw the document confirming that the plan is to have this finalized by November 12, 2008.

No actions or thoughts yet, just a first alert. Israel is on the table, and they're trying to cut out her heart and lungs!!!


גילוי said...

We've had 60 years to change the leadership in this country. We didn't do it. We chose the status quo.

Now the issue is going to be shoved upon us. The success of the Erev Rav regime will increase as its end nears.

May Hashem help us all.

Devash said...

Amen. :-(

Tuvia said...

May Hashem wipe off the map, all of our enemies. We need Moshiach Now!!

muse said...

It'll be like a police state when Bush comes. There must be pressure for him not to come.

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