Sunday, March 16, 2008


Wow! Secular Court Refers Criminal Case to Sanhedrin!

This is significant Sanhedrin news!

(via Arutz 7 - Israel National News) Tzvia Sariel of Elon Moreh, who has been held in jail since December for refusing to recognize the authority of the secular court system, was allowed to testify before a Torah court set up by the nascent Sanhedrin Friday. The Sanhedrin Court for Matters of People and State ordered her immediate release.

The court, headed by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, heard Sariel’s testimony after a judge from Netanya’s Magistrates Court ordered that she be allowed to attend the hearing on the limits of the youth’s struggle against the Israeli judicial system. It is presumed that Netanya Magistrates Court Judge Samdar Abramovitch hoped the Sanhedrin court would instruct Sariel to put and end to her struggle and recognize the civil courts....

“It is no coincidence that the hearing took place on the anniversary of the passing of Moses our teacher, the father of Hebrew law, and close to the days of Purim, when it is said that the Jews reaccepted and affirmed their commitment to the law of the Torah,” a statement from the court said.

After the verdict was read, the court's rabbis, wrapped in prayer shawls, stood and recited the special prayers accepting the justice of the Almighty, according to "Everyone in the courtroom followed in a loud chant to say the words, 'Hear O' Israel, the L-rd is our G-d, the L-rd is One,' despite an attempt by prison guards to prevent supporters, including Ruth Sariel, Tzvia's mother, from entering the hearing."

Following the hearing, the officials present from the Prisons Authority affirmed their commitment to carry out the verdict of the Sanhedrin court. Prisons' Authority warden Hila Furis reportedly told those present: “The Prisons' Authority recognizes the authority of the [Sanhedrin] court and will act to implement the verdict.” They removed Sariel's leg restraints and claimed she was being brought to the Ramle Magistrates court, where she would be released before the Sabbath.

Sariel was returned to Neve Tirza Prison, however, where she spent the Sabbath. Her parents say she has been placed in solitary confinement. Rabbi Ariel said the court would continue to follow the case and work for Sariel’s release, in accordance with the directives of the Netanya court.

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  1. Akiva, you gotta read this, R' Kanievsky just assured arab labor!!!!!:
    Baruch Hashem.

  2. will anyone be ready to leave the kollel for a few hours a day and help with the work that needs to be done so that a yeshiva won't need to hire an enemy to drive its buses?

  3. For years now I've been thinking that, because Halacha defines reality, someone should drag the Israeli secular court to Beit Din. I thought if we could only get a ruling against them that would speed their replacement with the real deal, a Torah court. But to have them willing submit!!! WOW! That's even better, because to submit to Beit Din, then not abide by the ruling will bring that about even faster, I would think (hope).

  4. How significant is it when a rabbinic group is used by the secular authorities only until the result goes against their expectation, at which point the secular authorities do what they want to do anyhow?


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