Monday, March 10, 2008

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When We Are Attacked

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

When the Temple was standing and there were sacrifices, only a perfect offering would be allowed to be brought on the altar. If the offering had the slightest blemish, it would be refused. Last week, G-d took eight young Jewish men. These young men were murdered while were learning Torah in the holiest city in the world. Our hearts are broken. We are shocked. We weep. We can never replace this loss. What can we do?

This is what we can do. We can, and must fight back. We must fight back with every weapon we have at our disposal. To do anything less would be to surrender to these murderers. But you and I, what can we do? We do not even own a gun, let alone a tank. What are we to do?

Do not think like this. Wherever we live, we are all in the army, and each of us has a powerful arsenal to draw upon. We see that the murderers attacked students of Torah, so this is what must be defended. They attacked our youth. So it is our youth whom we must strengthen. The Jewish people are a single body. Wherever the body is improved, it will help to strengthen the entire body.

To combat murder, we have to give life. Each of us must reach out to all whom we can. We must increase the very thing that they are trying to destroy. We have to fight terror, or it will win. To sit and moan gives them additional success. This is exactly what they want. They did not attack a military base. They attacked our innocent loved ones because they know this is what causes us the greatest pain.

We have to reverse their evil plans. We have to bring more young people into our learning circle. Go out into the street and find Jews who do not even know what the Torah is, and lovingly teach them. Teach them even one line, even one word. Do not give in to these murdering arabs who seek to destroy us.

They have murdered eight. Bring in eighty. Each of us is on the front line in this war, and each of us has the ability to fight back against this evil people. Do not be disheartened, not for a single minute. Do not give them what they want. Turn your sorrow into victory. Go out, find a Jew, and lead him to his spiritual inheritance. Show him the beauty that a Torah life brings.

When we come together, our enemies are dispersed.

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