Thursday, March 06, 2008


Western Civilian vs. Amalek

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

We're Western and civilized. Few of us know of war and blood, even a cow or chicken being slaughtered is a haunting seen for most. We must eat to live, yet we feel for an animal who's flesh we will consume.

We even try to sterilize war. We have conventions and international war laws.

Israel strives to be a paradigm of Western-ness. Much of the legal structure is modeled after Western Europe, and some of the business structure after the US.

But Israel doesn't live in a Western neighborhood. Her enemies don't subscribe to such niceties...

Nowadays, when many of us read the parshat of Amalek, we cringe. When we learn that Shaul HaMelek, King Saul, was dethroned for not committing COMPLETE GENOCIDE, we shiver. The words of the Torah don't match our civilized sensibilities. How could we even consider acting that way in this time?

This is how, this is what we are fighting, this is how the enemy will take any hint of kindness or Western scruples and use them to kill you:

We are directly taught that being "kind" in such a situation by not responding will only result in much more death, OURS and theirs.

Since writing this, the Jerusalem yeshiva, that's a place of studying religion and peace and holiness, of Mercaz HaRav, was attacked by inhuman murderers. The students were having a celebration for the incoming month of Adar, when joy increases. The arab murderers entered and fired over 600 rounds of automatic rifle ammunition, killing at least 8 and seriously wounding at least 10.

This is the Peace Partner that the world would have us accept. They cry war crimes when Israel defends herself, then enter a holy place and slaughter the rabbis there.

For further information, Yid With Lid and The Muqata have good articles on the attack.

May Hashem avenge their blood.

Chodesh Tov and Shabbat Shalom from Israel.

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g said...

The Torah only tells us the truth about the world and people. Israel was and is too nice to Arabs and we see the results.

Devash said...

Better get used to the idea of slaughter. It's us or them and I don't intend it should be us!

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