Sunday, March 02, 2008

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by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Today was a lovely day, the weather was absolutely fantastic, except I kept hearing these low frequency booms. At first I thought we were having a minor earthquake again, like a week ago. But by the third one, too many in too short a time.

Of course, after Shabbat I found out that things have finally hit the fan in Gaza. The Palestinians cry peace and abuse while launching more and bigger missiles, maiming and killing more Jewish civilians intentionally (that's called an international war crime, by the way, Mr. Secretary Ban Ki Moon, not a cycle of violence, not calming steps for peace, a war crime). The Israeli government has bowed as low to the Americans and Europeans as possible, avoiding doing all but the smallest defense actions. They ignored a major town and multiple villages under fire for over a year. They ignored the maiming of tens and the murders of their citizens. Be quiet and let it work out, they were told.

But the Palestinians see only weakness. They care not for peace, nor for the lives of their own people. They are perfectly willing, excited even, to sacrifice their men, women, and even their children, to the cause of killing the Jews. It's the primary drive of their society, taught from daycare to kindergarten to elementary school onward.

The big missiles are hard to fit through little underground tunnels. So they blew the border and shipped in the big stuff. The world watched and even cheered, "they broke the blockade, the poor people are free to buy to their hearts content!!!" Well, now we see, their hearts are content only when killing Jews. They've moved on from 'little homemade missiles' to things with serious range.

And so the Israeli government faces a terrible dilemma. Their foreign masters are upset, how dare they take actual actions. Yet, while they can ignore the bleeding of a small town of 20,000 (and manipulate the media to down play it), when the missiles start hitting a major town of 120,000 (that includes the major southern Israeli power plant and major industry), well, the people will not stand for no action. Those in power see themselves at risk, so action there will be.

So much for my political tirade...

Gog u'Magog, even in the peaceful scenario, requires an influx of Gog's troops into Israel. Yet, there just isn't a driver for this. So we know, things must change. Parshas Haazinu tells us of the non-nation, the vile people, that will gnash it's teeth and attack with...missiles! But, as they begin to believe their own strength and not recognize that their success is only from Hashem's withdrawal of full protection from the non-believing Jewish government, Hashem feels obligated to prevent the Chillul Hashem and defend His Name, and return protection to His people.

And they are defeated, completely removed as a threat to the Jewish people.

For the next stage of the geulah, the palestinians must be removed as ongoing attackers and a functional threat. And it appears this may just have started happening, as much as the Israeli government, the US and Europe have tried to prevent it.

It's a very good time for a bit of extra prayer, charity, and mitzvot (good deeds).

We'll be discussing this more in the next few days, a few hints may be slipping out.

IsraellyCool is running a great hourly round up of Gaza war news, here.

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