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Whoops, the police accidentally reported...

(Haaretz) Where did David Shapira, the Israel Defense Forces officer who killed the terrorist, obtain a police detective's cap he wore inside the yeshiva?

Police officers had been saying that Shapira got the hat from the first police officer to reach the scene, who decided not to confront the terrorist. But in Monday's meeting it became clear that Shapira had been wearing a special detective's cap, not a regular uniformed-officer's hat.

Franco was unable to explain whether Shapira got the hat from the patrol officer or perhaps from a second officer, a detective who was at the scene but who, like the patrol officer, also declined to confront the terrorist.

Let me repeat that, LOUD AND CLEAR:

A regular patrol Israeli police officer arrived while the shooting was in progress, "declined" to enter the building and attempt to stop the US financed arab terrorist. Instead, he decided to prevent others from entering!

Then, a Israeli police detective arrived while the shooting was still in progress and 'decided not to confront the US State Department sponsored arab terrorist.'

They stood by while children were murdered, while holy Torah students were slaughtered in their yeshiva over their holy books. "Declined to confront." Nice euphemism.

It's unclear exactly how he was stopped between two separate men who took immediate action. One man rushed in past the police (probably with them trying to stop him) and got a shot off hitting the terrorist (this man is discussed in the article above, seems he grabbed one of the policemen's hats on the way in, probably to let those inside know he was a good guy). Another man climbed a nearby building and hit the terrorist with two M-16 rifle head shots through a window. (These two men are reported as David Shapira and Yitzhak Dadon respectively, both heroes for their actions.)

And the police set up a perimeter. (Ok, I'm a little upset hearing this report. Maybe the police had only pistols, and even with two of them were just too afraid to go against a terrorist with a machine gun. But they could at least have gone in together with the hero who did enter the building, that would be 3 of them, one at least (probably) with an M-16.)

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  1. Akiva - A few important points.

    1. The police themselves still do not have a clear picture of what transpired (its now Wednesday morning!).

    2. Someone was led "out of the building" with a shirt over his head (this was caught on video) -- was this an undercover policeman from the building, an additional terrorist, or someone else?)

    3. While I'm not condoning police behavior at all, it is not always human nature to charge into a life threatening situation.

    I have dwelled on this point alot lately, as being part of our yishuv's kitat konenut. Lots of our training is about "chatira limaga" -- charging (striving to confront) the enemy. Identifying the source of danger, getting there as quickly as possible, and neutralizing the threat.

    With bullets flying everywhere, a person's natural tendency is not to be heroic and charge a terrorist with an AK47 shooting on automatic. A policemen's tendency is similar, unless trained to do so. It's much easier for them to beat up protestors at Amona, drag people out of their homes, and write parking tickets than it is charge at a terrorist.

    Similar to my EMT training, it's not simple to turn off your emotions, and mechanically do CPR on a dying person...or charge a terrorist. Even in simulation training, it's far from simple.

  2. The 2 policemen who were first on the scene and did nothing are israeli arabs from Moriah station. But you ain't going to hear this on the news, תשקורת - censored information just like the hero Yitzchak Dadon is censored.


  4. And why doesn't Shapiro mention Dadon?
    Did he see him?

  5. Add to all this Yuli Tamir's unannounced visit and resulting remarks about "similarities to Rabin," unfounded accusations against "rabbis" condoning revenge attacks and Israel Radio's vendetta on the subject. It almost makes you think there is another conspiracy afoot.

  6. I'm surprised those heros weren't arrested for violating the terrorist's "human rights."

    "They should have subdued him rather than kill him." is what I almost expected to hear.

  7. jameel and all,
    that's what training is all about. It is defintely not human nature to fight back when the bullets start flying, but the endless training is supposed to condition the soldier/police to overcome that initial 'shock' much faster than a regular citizen. There's alos a split second decision to either immediately return fire or take cover in order to grasp what is happenning.

    Clearly, the gunshots were heard from outside. There is no excuse for this error in judgement. The first rule of thumb in an altercation is first trying to 'correct' the situation, the other forces coming along after are in charge of setting up a perimeter. First thing, is trying to save life being endangered.

    There's no excuse for the wheenie argument - pistol versus automatic weapon. In urban warfare, the smaller gun has more advantage than the longer one which is designed for longer distances and accuracy. Police are trained for head shots and centre body mass at 25-50 metres.

    In the army, we are told that if there is an 'event' while you are sleeping in the middle of the night, you don't start getting dressed and doing up your buttons and laces. You pick up your gun and the basic necessities and get out to a firing position, you're supposed to get dressed there. Unarmed? turn off the lights, bar the door. Exactly like many of the kids did.

    If the stress is too much, or they do not have the instinct to shoot first and ask questions later, then relevant security people should quit there jobs. The investigation should discover if this was isolated to the two police or a widespread police problem of being wheenies when the going gets tough.


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