Wednesday, March 05, 2008

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Only Flowers

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

No bombs today, only flowers. How do we know? Because there's no mention of Gaza and war today. The news is silent as Israel's defense has gone silent.

Arab attacks haven't gone silent, missiles are falling on S'Derot and Ashkelon today. Children run in terror, parents cry in fear, and terror will destroy the chambers of the heart, of even young men and young women, even nursing babies and old men (Parshat Haazinu, Devarim 32:25).

But, for the world today, there is only flowers. Jewish children running in terror isn't worth reporting.

Spring has come to the Land, and it begins to blossom with tremendous beauty. Which you don't see when you have 15 seconds to get to safety. And Condelizza Rice meets with the Israeli government in Jerusalem, demanding Jewish guns be silent while missiles fall upon Jewish children.

For US diplomacy, there are only flowers. And Easov hates Yaakov. But we do not put our faith in potentates, rather, in the Master Gardener.

(The wild poppy springs up in fields throughout Israel after the rains. Original photos from yesterday by Akiva.)

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