Monday, March 17, 2008


News of Note

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

* As a follow up to our public service announcement of the march on the terrorist's village and family home, Israel National News has the report of what happened. The State of Israel took every action to stop the protest and beat the protesters, yet a small contingent did succeed in penetrating the village and expressing their dismay in the village support for the murder of Jews. Arabs attacking Jews, ok, Jews defending themselves or responding to Arabs, not ok. What's wrong with this message?

* Arutz 7 reports, via the charedi paper Yom Chadash, the most important news in a long while involves a major Torah rabbinic leader declaring “According to Jewish law, it is completely forbidden to hire Arabs, especially in yeshivas,” Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky said. “There is a concern of endangering lives.”

The rabbi continued, explaining, “After all, we are at war with them…and are there not Jews that can work and make a living?” Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky is considered a top Torah sage of the generation in the hareidi-religious community, his words will be followed.

Within my own community, there was immediate talk today about how to change a situation where most local construction has a majority of Arab labor. This is a very big deal which may lead to a significant change in both Arab employment prospects and Jewish ones (skilled Jewish labor has been priced out of the market in Israel, as Arab labor, especially imported ones, are much much cheaper.

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  1. Arab labor is much cheeper becuase they get free money from their Arab brothers all over the world. it won't be easy but still its better to be safe than sorry.There are also foreign workers who have no enemity against Israel.

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  3. I'm sorry but didn't people see this coming?

    And did they really need to ask a rav if whether their lives were in danger or not?

  4. “According to Jewish law, it is completely forbidden to hire Arabs, especially in yeshivas,”

    Reb,thats common sense.for a looong time we were the arab ahl al-dhimma(slaves).fortunately for us we were not considered kuffār(infidels).Why trust them at all?!?

  5. The Be'sheva weekly newspaper had an article recently about the Kedumim3000 construction company. Teh company only uses Jewish workers. The owner claims that the price difference is only 15% higher, and this is recuperated in better quality and a reduced need to return to site and do repairs (something that this in fact taken for granted in Israel).

  6. Josh---I wondered about this. It's well known that Arabs sabotage the buildings they construct so any savings is taken with later repairs. I once rented a brand new, never lived in apartment, Couldn't put the washer's drain hose down the pipe. It was filled with concrete and had to be drilled out. I've also heard, but don't know if it's true, that they build their own homes with materials stolen from the sites where they work. This cost would also be passed on to the consumer, no?

    On the other hand, I had a family member who worked at minimum wage for a kippa-seruga boss who paid two Arabs 8,000 sh apiece to do a job this family member was qualified for. He asked the boss why he wouldn't fire the Arabs and let him do that job. I don't remember what answer he got.

  7. It's hard to get away from the "cheaper up front" mindset. Further, there are condition factors that Jewish workers won't put up with that have become normal ... screaming at the workers, requiring extra long hours (even to the point of sleeping on site to get more hours in), lower safety standards, etc.


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