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The Kabbalah of Haman - Part 1

by R. Nati at Mystical Paths

It's parshas Zachor this week, we're supposed to remember to wipe out the name of Amalek. But why this eternal command, what trait is so horrible that it must be eliminated from this world?

Rebbe Nachman teaches that for one to have Malchus, to gain rulership or influence over people, one must loath the desire for wealth. Reb Noson of Breslov explains, this is why Amalek seeks to blemish holy wealth, to make a person desirous of wealth, as this will prevent a person from obtaining Malchus of Holiness. (Torat Natan 20)

Our goal in this world is to subdue our desire to serve ourselves, to exercise our malchus for our own self gratification, but to nullify that negative desire and use our malchus only to serve Hashem. Malchus is an aspect of gatherer, it can give over nothing of it's own, it only gives over what it has received.

Malchus of the Sitra Achra, the reflection of Holiness in the Other Side, gathers up money. Since it's fearful that we might remove from it the sparks of holiness that it's swallowed (that it's captured from our sins, G-d forbid, it fortifies itself by gathering money. What's the connection? The holy sparks are an aspect of the supernal colors of gold, silver, and copper, at the low level of this world a refection of them can be seen in the physical gold, silver, and copper.

This is the aspect of desiring wealth, which is an aspect of Malchus. Therefore Amalek, which is the Malchus of Evil, pursues the Malchus of Holiness. It seeks to "cut down all the stragglers". Since the Other Side is fearful of the loss of it's life force, which it maintains through the capturing of the holy sparks, it diligently goes about trying to capture more holiness to maintain it's existence.

A reflection of that in this world is the desire for money. That's why, particularly in this generation, there is a great ta'a'va (desire) for money.

An aspect of Malchus corresponds to fear. For Malchus of Holiness, this spreads the fear of Hashem. But for Malchus of Evil, it spreads fear of poverty. This negative fear brings the uncontrollable desire for wealth, through which the Malchus of Evil is able to gather up holy sparks, concealing Godliness and maintaining it's negative existence (G-d help us). Further, this fear leads people to doubt (safek) in Hashem's ability to provide for them, leading them to believe that they have staved off poverty throw their own efforts.

Amalek is a gematria of dollar. The reason Malchus of Evil attacks holiness via wealth is that wealth/feet is within the lower levels of holiness, those that relate in this world. And that's the highest level of holiness to which the Other Side can reach.

Malchut of Evil only attacks when the Malchus of Holiness is blemished. Meaning, our lack of emunah is literally what brings on the attack of Amalek. When we doubt Hashem's ability to provide for us, we blemish our emunah, cutting off our shefa and blemishing Malchus of Holiness. This blemish not only affects our own shefa (path of blessings), but the blessings of the entire world.

...And cracks the door to Malchus of Evil, opening the path and drawing in an attack by Amalek. (To be continued.)

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  1. thank you for this interesting post, could you share the text of Torat Natan 20, I'm not able to locate it.


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