Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Jerusalem Palestine Road Sign?

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

R. Alkalai commented... "I read this in the "Dreaming of Moshiach" blog, and I am sickened: "Road Sign in Yerushalayim: Palestinian Authority". "A new road sign has been posted on the northern road of Yerushalayim that clearly indicates the intentions of Kadima coalition government to chop up Yerushalayim, our holiest city in the world. The sign says:

Pay attention! You are entering territory controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Entrance for Israelis is definitely prohibited."

When I read this, I could not hold back my tears. I just sat and cried for an hour. I do not understand any of this. No one wants this, but Olmert, his government, and the arabs. Why is it not being stopped? Someone, please explain this to me.

I haven't past through that point in the last month or so, but there are two roads that exit Jerusalem going north. Once leads to the Shomron settlements, the other directly into Ramallah. If this is the one at Ramallah, then the description is right, you're driving directly into an area under current Palestinian force control, and that's not a smart thing for a Jew. If this is the other, then indeed there's something worrisome here. BUT, the background arab buildings (to the left) are not what you see as you exit on the Shomron route, so I think this is the Ramallah terminal being shown.

That said, the current government devoid of faith, even in themselves, seems capable of anything. Certainly giving to the enemy while ignoring their own.

Hashem ya'azor, and it doesn't look like this test will be easy.

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  1. It's (was?) apparently on the other side near Atarot. Apparently, the sign is illegal and was put up by mistake and supposed to be removed.

    The 'message' should be accepted by all. Abu Mazen cut off talks and some flare-ups are happening in the eastern part of the city. This merely means that when talks resume, Olmert will be in moer of a rush to give away J-town faster.

  2. I weep with you.

    The evil one would like nothing more than to destroy the City of G-d.

    And only those with divine discernment can see the deceipt and blatant bias in both the government(s) and the media.

    Although I understand the disrespectful moniker 'xtian', I do trust it is clear, at times like these, the best friends that Jewish people have are those 'xtians'. I don't see anyone else running to their defence.

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