Tuesday, March 04, 2008

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INSANITY or Defeatism?

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

While Israel is under full scale missile attack from the Palestinians, while Palestinian forces AND POPULATION in the West Bank threw firebombs (around Pesegot), fired into civilian neighborhoods (at Gilo, Jerusalem), threw rocks at drivers (Beitar Illit), threw rocks on cars entering the tunnel (Gush Etzion), rolled boulders at cars (Telmon), attacked neighborhoods (Hebron), attacked guard posts (Kalkilya and Shechem), rioted (East Jerusalem), attacked policemen (East Jerusalem), tried to cut through a border fence (Hebron area), and threw rocks at non-Jewish TOURISTS (usually xians) on the Temple Mount (non-Jews tour there daily, Jews are not allowed), while all this was happening...

*** The Israeli government ordered the water company to CUT water supplies to 13 "unauthorized" small settlements today! The water company arrived and CAPPED water mains to prevent any easy method of reconnection.

*** The Israeli government has STOPPED defending itself. All military actions have been HALTED while awaiting US Secretary of State Condelizza Rice to arrive and ... what? Make it all better?

I spent the morning riding a bus to Jerusalem listening to talk radio, with callers from Ashkelon in fear about being under major missile bombardment. The alert system doesn't fully work (no they didn't bother to test it in advance). All bomb shelters aren't open or ready (bomb shelter space is frequently used for storage or other creative uses such as synagogues, kindergartens, health clubs, or sometimes just neglected, they weren't prepared in advance). The children don't know what to do (no civil defense drills in advance). Oh, and 15 seconds isn't very long to find shelter.

The government refuses to defend itself. It asks it's court if it's allowed to shoot back (because the terrorists fire from inside their own civilian areas). It worries about unintentional civilian casualties OF THE ENEMY. The enemy, however, worries neither about Jewish civilian casualties, nor about their own! Instead, they use their own children as human shields. Truly, a vile people.

One who tries to be kind in such a situation is truly being cruel to his own people. The lessons of Koheles stand for us today, while our own government doesn't. Torah explains what to do, it's ignored. This government neither believes in Hashem nor even believes in themselves.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe told them what to do 20 years ago...

...and if they want peace, they need to know they are the baalei baatim (owners) of these territories of the Land of Israel that, G-d forbid, they want to give away which are currently in Jewish hands in a miraculous manner, they (the words of the Torah) say to every Jew that he does not have any right to touch his children and his grandchildren's inheritance.

I have faith in Hashem to protect His people and that this will work out for the good. Yet, I cry for those who will be injured, traumatized or, G-d forbid, killed due to the folly of our politicians.

The photo is of sunset out my back window, the arrow points to the exhaust towers from the Ashkelon Power Plant, which supplies 25% of Israel's power. Ashkelon is now being hit by Katyusha sized rockets. ""These rockets are nothing like the Kassams. They're slamming into homes and causing enormous damage!" - Ashkelon Police Commander Blumenfeld

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