Thursday, March 06, 2008

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In Bizzaro World...

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

In Bizzaro world, the government of Israel lets Ashkelon burn while bowing to enemy demands to evacuate Israel...

Dear (....), I would like to let you know that the government with two hundred soldiers has descended on the West Bank Jewish town of AISH CODESH early yesterday morning. They are removing the water from the water tank in order to remove the water tank thus making it impossible for life to be sustained there.

Please do what ever you can to let the world know what is happening. My grandchildren will be thrown out of their homes.
(Corroborating report, here.)

In Bizzaro world, arab Israeli citizens protest Israel defending herself against arab attack by attempting to kill representatives of the government, stone major highways, shutdown parts of major cities, and the government does nothing. But, Jewish Israeli citizens who defend themselves or protest Israel not defending herself are locked up without trial.

In Bizzaro world, the US Secretary of State comes to make peace, which exclusively means making the defender stop defending themselves while PAYING the attacker...

SECRETARY RICE: ...We’ve just concluded very good discussions, as I’ve concluded very good discussions with all of the parties [except for the ones actually attacking]. We’ve talked about the need to restore calm and, of course, that means also [????? also????] to stop the rocket attacks against Israeli citizens.

...I’m concerned about the need to improve conditions on the ground in the West Bank and I’ve urged both sides to live up to their roadmap obligations and in furtherance of that goal, Lieutenant General Frazier will convene the Tripartite Committee on Roadmap Obligations next week.... And we are, of course, concerned about the humanitarian situation in Gaza. The U.S. Government has pledged to UNRWA -- that pledge has reached $148 million for 2008.

Welcome, my friends, to Bizzaro world.

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Anonymous said...

I suggest that we find a shidduch for Condi in the hope that she'll be fruitful and multiply and disappear from the political scene, fast!

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